The What, Why and How of Walk-In Bathtubs

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.”  ― Sylvia Plath Just like Sylvia Plath, we also don’t know much about things that a bath can’t cure and feel that walk-in tubs are one of the most useful bathroom innovations of the decade. Why, you ask? Walk-In tubs are an incredible solution to the loss of bathing independence and privacy due to mobility issues that may plague you or a loved one. However, a walk-in tub is not only a nice convenience for the elderly or disabled. These tubs offer a deep soak in a space that fits your body. Conventional tubs don’t offer enough space for most people to really get a fully relaxing bath. After a long day at work, feeling tired and stressed is common. Often this stress causes muscle soreness and fatigue. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape for a time into a relaxing soak in a walk-in tub seated comfortably upright while air jets massage the tension out of your muscles? We think so too.

Description: What is a Walk-In Bathtub?

A walk-in bathtub has a door which opens and closes on the front side of the tub. This means a person does not have to lift their legs over the edge of the tub. The door seal is guaranteed against leaking. There is also no leakage of water from the tub to the floor because of the seal on the doors that helps keep the water in. The fast drainage features, which are generally included in these tubs, ensure that people don’t have to wait too long for the water to drain out before opening the tub door after they are done with their bath.

The Benefits of a Walk-In Tub – Why They Work for Everyone

Bathroom Renovations

Beneficial for People with Arthritis

Walk-in bathtubs were invented so that older people could wash themselves independently, but they are rapidly becoming more popular among the younger generation, too. This may be because of the increase in daily stress or the occurrence of arthritis among many men and women in their middle years.

Avoid a Long Wait for Drainage

These tubs are equipped with a faster drainage system. Faster draining time means less time waiting to open the door so you can get out of the tub.

Increase the Worth of Your Home

For those building their homes, it’s a good idea to install walk-in bathtubs as this is a one time investment for your later years. It will also increase the worth of the property if you live in or near a community with people above 50 years old.

Ideal for Seniors

Walk-in bathtubs are a dream come true for senior citizens. With walk-in bathtubs, they are much safer and independent during their bath times, as they can sit and wash themselves, without having to worry about possible bathroom accidents, such as falls, fractured bones or being sent to a nursing home because they are unable to wash themselves. Senior citizens struggling with stability and balance often get hurt because they tend to lean on sliding shower doors. This is something that could be prevented with the use of a walk-in bathtub. Also, walk-in bathtubs have handrails and seats which further reducing the risk of accidents.

Available Features of a Walk-In Bathtub

If you are considering installing a walk-in bathtub – then you also need to know about the various features that walk-in bathtubs can contain. Bathroom renovations do not take place very often, so it’s best that you know the features they come with, before you decide on a walk-in bathtub for your bathroom. Most walk-in bathtubs have or can be upgraded with the following features:
  • Easy walk-in accessibility
  • Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy systems
  • Systems for air jets
  • Arthritis friendly taps, handheld showers and handles
  • Fast flowing drain that reduces the waiting time
  • The option to choose from three different colors
  • Sealed door that comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Comfortable and heated backrest and seat
  • Easily fits into most bathtub spaces

How Do You Install One?

If you want to install a walk-in bathtub to make your bathroom safer, as  a future investment, or simply for the sake of giving your bathroom a new look and getting rid of slow draining bath tubs, then you should call us today at 855.970.2284 or look up a location in your area! At Five Star Bath Solutions we know how important it is that your bathroom is both beautiful and functional. We help you choose the best and most beautiful solutions for your bathroom design needs and go above and beyond to give you the high quality service you expect. We have many locations to serve you. Request your free estimate today!