Walk-in Tubs

Tomball Walk-In Tub Installers


Bathrooms are known for slip and trip accidents which can be really dangerous for seniors and adults. On top of that, unsafe bathrooms with faulty installations can make matters even worse.

As mentioned earlier, Five Star Bath Solutions greatly prioritizes your safety, and in doing so, we offer a number of safe options, one of which includes walk-in bathtubs.

Walk-in bathtubs prevent the risk of slipping or falling during bathing since all you need to do is walk into your tub.

All of our walk-in tubs are super safe, comfortable and they come with the following safety features:

Shower Seats


Walk-in showers pose a serious safety hazard because of wet and slippery floors. However, with sturdy shower seats in your walk-in bathtub, you can minimize this risk and have a relaxing bathing experience whenever you want.

Easy Open Doors

At Five Star Bath Solutions, our walk-in tubs feature easy to open doors that help make the process of getting in and out of the tub fairly simple and hassle-free.

Walk-in tubs with our easy-open doors are an ideal choice for you if you deal with arthritis or joint pain.