Shower to Tub Conversion

Tulsa Shower to Tub Conversions


Bathing in a beautiful tub that meet all your requirements is such a delightful experience, one that you will look forward to experiencing each day. Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa offers you customized bathtubs made from acrylic material and shower to tub conversion at affordable prices.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa can handle shower to tub conversions with ease. If you need to convert your shower into a bathtub, we can provide you with several options to consider. Our professionals use the latest techniques to ensure that your tub fits your surrounding walls. We will install and clean up in just one day.

You Will Want to Bathe Every Day

You will not have to maintain the bathtub installed by Five Star Bath Solution of Tulsa. We have protected our bathtub by coating it with special anti-microbial protection. It will prevent mold and mildew growth as well as other microbes from collecting in the grout. Your bathtub and its surrounding walls and accessories will require minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Our trained professionals will visit your home and will tell you about the procedure before converting your shower into a tub. Once the conversion has been completed, we will clean the entire place, preparing it for you to enter and take your first bath in your brand new bathtub.

We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring our customers are satisfied with the finished product. You can be rest assured that your requirements will be met, and your preferences taken into account by our professionals in charge of converting you shower into a tub.

Do you need more information on the installation process of converting a shower into a bathtub? If you do, you can visit our website or call Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa to speak to our customer service representatives. We offer a free in-home consultation, so take advantage of that and schedule an appointment with our professionals.

A Safe, Convenient, and Enjoyable Bathing Experience


Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa has taken measures to add safety features to our bathtub that reduce the risk of falling and slipping. Showers are more risky so it is better to switch to a bathtub with safety materials.

When you get in touch with us for a shower to bathtub conversion, we will walk you through the entire process. We will listen to your ideas and provide the bathtub of your dreams. Whatever you have in mind, let us know because we are here to listen to you.

Stop showering in the outdated shower and upgrade to a beautiful and stunning bathtub made from superior quality materials to last you several years. We will replace your shower with a bathtub quickly.

Our professionals understand that your requirements may differ from others, which is why we provide customized bathtubs. When you contact us for a shower to bathtub conversion, our professionals will first take pictures of your bathroom and detailed measurements of the area. We will design a bathtub that will look like exactly as you envisioned it to look like.

It Will Be Worth It

Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa will convert your shower to a tub without it costing you a lot of money. One thing that we are known for is our affordable services. Since we make our products from durable acrylic material, your bathtub will last a long time.

We also make our bathtubs from a non-porous material that can tolerate any temperature. This is also a reason why our bathtubs do not require a lot of maintenance.

More Value and Worth For Less

When you hire the services of Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa, a shower to tub conversion project eliminates the high price tag and hassle of bathroom remodels. Every bathtub we install is made from extremely durable acrylic, which makes it stylish and long-lasting.

You can choose from several color and style options. You need to get in touch with us because we can provide you with a premium quality bathtub at an affordable price. All our products have a limited lifetime warranty.
Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Tulsa to schedule a free in-home estimate for your shower to tub conversion.