Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Getaway

Well, it has been one long week, and you desperately need a time out! What better way to unwind than to visit a spa and momentarily forget about your troubles?

Sadly, spas are usually either too faraway or are way too costly. So, why not convert your own humble bathroom into a spa bathroom with just a few adjustments? The idea of an in-home spa bathroom may have crossed your mind more than one time already. It’s not difficult to pull off, and here’s how you can get started.

Earthy Tones

Color of the walls makes a huge difference. A natural palette including olive greens, ochres, and teals have a calming effect on your senses. If you have a small bathroom, then stick to neutral tones of creams, whites, beige and pale greens as this palette will lend a spacious yet soothing ambiance to your bathroom. Color is the main constituent of setting up mood and is the least expensive way to change your bathroom.

Dim Bathroom Lights

Going for multiple light sources is a clever strategy as you need dim lights for the spa experience, but you also need enough light to get ready for the day. Highly polished surfaces and smooth marble are ideal for reflecting light. This will create a roomy feel to your bathroom.

Heated Floors

Installing heaters specifically for heating your bathroom floor can be a bit out of budget. We advise going for pre-assembled warming mats that keep the cords in place. If money isn’t an issue then opt for installing floor heaters, your feet will thank you.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Getaway Image

Visible bathroom toiletries should be appealing to the eye if they are going to be on display, otherwise put them in storage.

Storage Space

If the storage space is used wisely, it can help streamline the clutter. Clutter is a stress trigger, that is why you don’t see the toiletries sitting around in actual spas. You may face difficulty with storage space in a small bathroom. The first thing you can do is get rid of expired toiletries. Also, you can store toiletries in a jar to give a neat look. Streamlined vessels also give an orderly affect to your spa bathroom.

The Bathtub

We understand putting a huge bathtub in a tiny bathroom can ruin the whole ambiance. We recommend installing a Japanese Zen style bathtub, which is deeper and you can submerge yourself neck down and soak for hours. Most of these bathtubs come with built in seats, so you can enjoy your bath without being worried about your safety.

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Shower head

You can indulge in spa-level luxury by simple budget friendly fixtures. For example, you can replace your old shower head for massaging, rotating and pulsating one for as low as $20. It is ideal if you can install a massaging shower head and a bathtub both in your bathroom, but if not, go for the shower head, because you will use it almost daily. Moreover, bathtubs do take a lot of space.

Sinks and Fixtures

You have an array of choices, from streamlined and smooth French faucets, to faux bamboo handles to give that exotic paradise feel to your spa bathroom. You can go for an antique bronze handle, or for a sleek modern looking one.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Getaway Image

Candles are relaxing but can also be a hazard, choose your aroma therapy method wisely.

Candles and Oil Diffusers

When you think of a spa, one thing that may come to mind is aromatherapy. Scented candles can help you relax and enhance the ambiance but can be dangerous if you are forgetful. In this case, oil diffusers are a much safer choice. The most relaxing scents are of lavender, juniper berry, ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, and bergamot. You can also try potpourri and air fresheners.


You can either install waterproof speakers for your dose of calming music during your “me time,” or you can spoil yourself and invest in a full sound system.

With the help of these ideas, and using your own imagination, you will never have to leave the comfort of your own house for a spa retreat. Spa bathrooms are trending and you too can turn your old bathroom into a spa getaway. Updating your bathroom is wise investment because it increases the value of your property.

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