It doesn’t matter how much the house cost or how recently those tiles were installed in the shower, everything at some point will fail, especially if the bathroom uses low quality products. 

Too many times, we’ve seen people try to remodel their own bathrooms, or seen them get taken advantage of by other companies who overcharge. At Five Star Bath Solutions, we want to make sure you are happy with your new bathroom. That’s why we only offer the best products, installed by the most experienced people, and offer you a local, owner-maintained warranty to make sure you’re comfortable in your bathroom for years to come. 

All warranties are handled by each location and terms may vary

What Is A Remodel Warranty?

A remodel warranty is a protective guarantee that comes from the contractor promising that any defects or issues that may arise because of poor equipment or work done will be taken care of by the contractor. The stipulations or requirements to redo the work is dependent upon the issuer.

When you remodel your bathroom, you expect it to last. Five Star Bath Solutions products are installed by our expert team and backed by a local, owner-maintained warranty. That includes all shower walls, tubs and flooring.

What that means to you is if you ever have an issue in your bathroom, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it will be taken care of for you. While we guarantee everything we do, we also back everything up with a warranty to help you feel comfortable in your new bathroom.

All Five Star Bath Solution Warranties Are:

  • Fully Transferable 
  • Serviced By Local Contractor

What Is A Transferable Warranty?

A transferable warranty refers to a warranty that can transfer ownership once the protected item is purchased. Not every warranty is transferable and is dependent on the issuer of the warranty. Usually bigger items or projects like houses, cars and bathroom remodels are commonly covered by a transferable warranty.

"I am selling my house. Can my current warranty be transferred to the new home owners?"


Your current warranty can be transferred to the new homeowner, offering even more value to your home.

Our bathroom remodels can help increase the value of your house by offering products that are built to last and protect against future problems with a trusted team that is always available for you. Whoever is living in the home can have the peace of mind knowing that their bathroom is backed by North America’s top bathroom remodelers.

Warranty Serviced By Local Contractor

Other bathroom remodel companies may offer a warranty, but more than likely, any reservicing is contracted out to a third-party company with people you don’t know that come into your home and work on products they didn’t install. 

Five Star Bath Solutions is the most trusted bathroom remodel company in North America because you know that if you have an issue, we will be the ones taking care of the problem. We believe that if we are going to put something into your home and you need help with it later, then we should be the ones to come back out. 

Bathroom Remodeling

Something we pride ourselves on is that all of our services, including those that need to be redone, are done in house, making Five Star Bath Solutions the most trusted bathroom remodel company in the industry.

That being said, Five Star Bath Solutions prides itself on offering the highest quality products on the market installed by the team that have been trusted for over 10 years.

Top Of The Line Products

While oftentimes, people don’t know what is going into their bathroom until it is done, our customers always know from the very beginning what they are getting because they help in the planning process and pick out the products themselves. 

All of our products are designed to look exactly like the stone or material that you pick out, offering the same strength and durability, all while protecting against mold and mildew. And, all products and installation are backed by our warranty, offering you an assurance that lasts.

Installation That Count

Bathroom Warranty

At Five Star Bath Solutions, installations are all done by our highly experienced team backed by our warranty and guarantee.

While other companies may hire third party installers to handle the installation, we cut the cost of contracting other people to do our work, and instead pass those savings onto you.

Something that separates us from the competition are the products we use and our process of installation. All products installed come with waterproof coating and include no grout. That means everything installed is water, mold and mildew resistant.

You will not experience the water damage common with other surfaces or porous grout filling.

What is Grout?

Grout is an inexpensive sand or cement-like plaster used to fill the spaces between tiles and flooring, also commonly known as, “The filling between the tiles.” Almost all home builders and remodelers use grout to fill spaces and it can be customized to better match the home and tile. 

While grout is strong and durable, it is also porous which can let water through causing damage to whatever is behind it. Five Star Bath Solutions’ products are 100% grout free and are waterproof to help ensure you never have to deal with water damage or mold again.

Instead of doing things the same way that other companies do, our team of skilled installers makes sure to offer the highest level of professionalism to every customer.

Experienced Team

At Five Star Bath Solutions, to make sure we give you the best service and experience possible. We only hire professional factory trained technicians that have been screened and trained to work on your home. 

This ensures that you will be happy with the work being done and that you can be worry free during the whole process.

All of our installers must pass our thorough training program and obtain multiple certifications. 

If they can’t do this, we don’t send them out. You can rest assured that these are the same installers and technicians that will be called out to your home if you happen to have a problem or request. 

All consultants and installers also go through an extensive installation process to make sure everything is done correctly the first time. From the free in-home consultation, to the actual install, everything is done to ensure you are satisfied with your new bathroom

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