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Why Remodel Mini Series

Key Takeaways:
  • You will know if it’s time to remodel your bathroom
  • Learn how bathroom remodeling can be a quick fix for your problems
  • Understand the top 3 long-term benefits of bathroom remodeling and how they can impact your decisions
  • Discover new options for your bathroom remodel that have grown increasingly popular
  • All from one of the nation’s largest bathroom remodeling brands, Five Star Bath Solutions

Questions Answered

When should you remodel your bathroom?
Every 4-5 years is the trending average nationwide. It’s at this point when colors go out of style, appliances begin to fail, and you start getting sick of the look. Although emergencies can force you to remodel sooner—burst pipes, broken fixtures, etc.—the average is 4-5 years.
Should I remodel if I have leaky pipes or damaged materials?
Top reasons for remodeling include:
Remove bacteria, mold, and/or mildew
Fix leaks and plumbing
Replace current damages
Add safety and accessibility features
Increase home value
Remove outdated tubs and tile
Add to aesthetics
Save water, energy, and money
Install upgrades/new fixtures
Create a personalized escape with a bathroom you love
Should I remodel if I have leaky pipes or damaged materials?
Leaky pipes aren’t the end-all be-all of bathroom remodeling. Call a plumber and attempt to repair them first. Same goes with damaged materials. If you can repair them without a full scale remodel, attempt to do so and save yourself some money. However, if the same problem occurs again, or different breaks occur regularly, then it’s time to remodel.
Should I be worried about mold in my bathroom?
Mold comes with a host of medical concerns: bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and severe breathing problems, to name a few. Plus, it just doesn’t look good. The longer you’re exposed to it, the worse the reactions become. Children have been known to be especially susceptible. You should definitely do something about it.
Is it worth it to update my bathroom?
The average person spends over 750 days of their lifetime in a bathroom. Of those 750 days, a lot of it is an attempt to gain solitude and relaxation from the world. Problem is, when you hate the aesthetic of the room or feel cramped inside, that safe haven effect is gone. Keeping your peace of mind is definitely worth updating a bathroom.
How much value does a bathroom remodel add to a house?
The return on investment for an average bathroom remodel is anywhere from 60%-85%. Depending on what was done and how recent the work was finished it would move around on that scale. Take for example a typical bathroom remodel that costs roughly $30,000. On the low end, your home value would increase by $18,000. On the high end, it would increase by $25,500.
How much value does a bathroom remodel add to a house?
As bathroom technology advances, so does the capacity to become more accessible. Your average bathroom remodeler will offer all kinds of basic to advanced equipment to help with this.
Grab Bars
Non-Slip Mats/ Textured Floors
Handheld Shower Heads
Low Threshold
Shower Bases
Walk-in Tubs
How can I make my bathroom more energy efficient?
The options for energy efficiency in bathrooms have greatly increased over the years. You can get a low-flow showerhead to reduce the amount of overall wasted water. You can replace lightbulbs with up-to-date LED lights to lower the amount of electricity being used. You can upgrade your toilet to have a dual-flush system and reduce even more water usage. The options are endless and more are created with each passing year.
How can I save money by remodeling a bathroom?
Choosing energy efficient models during a bathroom remodel will save you a lot of money when it comes to bills. Low-flow showerheads reduce water usage by an average of 60% each month. Dual-flush toilets save 67% of water usage each month compared to an average toilet. LED lights save an average of $225 each year on the electricity bill. With these few examples, cutting out that much water and electricity usage saves a lot of money each month.
What is included in a bathroom remodel?
Glass showers
Sealed Flooring To Prevent Water Damage
Waterproof Walls And Counter Space
Dual Sinks
Floating Vanities
Sealed Flooring To Prevent Water Damage
Removing (Or Adding) A Bathtub
Additional Storage
What is the best way to finance a bathroom remodel?
The best and most efficient way to do this is simply saving up and paying cash. However, for most that’s not an option. The next best option is to check with the remodeling company and see if they offer financing options. Most of them will and can get you pretty good deals for giving them your job. Home improvement loans are also an option, as well as paying with a credit card. But, the easiest and cheapest way is to pay cash or check with your remodeler.
Can a bathroom layout be changed?
Most remodelers will do the demolition and get down to the bare bones of the house. If you want a layout change, that can be arranged with the remodeler beforehand. Be sure you know what you want. After the layout is changed, most won’t be willing to change it back if you don’t like it.