Bathroom Remodeler

Professional Bathroom Remodelers for Williamsburg

bathroom-remodelingYou don’t really think of your bathroom as a beautiful place or the most enticing room in your house. However, you do know one thing for sure: that the bathroom is the place where you can be alone and relax. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg, our goal is to beautify your bathroom and transform it from a strictly utilitarian setting into a peaceful retreat.

Our trained and licensed bathroom remodelers have an eye for detail as well as for aesthetics. Their design choices ensure that remodeling the bathroom is an exercise of transformation; a step beyond improvement and repair.

We guarantee that the materials and colors we use will give your bathroom personality and character like nothing you’ve seen before.

Visual Beauty

According to most estimates, the average person spends over an year of their life in the bathroom. It’s a private place after all and can be trusted to hide you at your most private and vulnerable.

We understand that at Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg and strive to enshrine that philosophy within our designs and templates.

We have many options including a master bath, a half bath, a minimalist shower and commode combo and custom designs that adhere to your personal preferences. All of them have one thing in common; they serve the purposes of fashion and function.

Speaking of function; the bathroom spaces in any building or home work more than any other spaces. The pipes flow with water all the time and the commodes and showers are used multiple times each day. Since they are the most prone to wear and tear due to excessive use, we take it upon ourselves to use the best and most robust materials.

Put your trust in Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg and we will work not only to give you the best value and your bathroom the most longevity, but also to establish a great relationship built on trust.

Our Experts will Remodel to Perfection

We have the best remodelers and contractors at Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg. They don’t have the tendency to tear down existing structures and start from the ground up. They have the common sense to know not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

In order to improve upon your bathroom, they see what works and what doesn’t and go on improving what they can. If something warrants replacement or complete redesign, their instincts serve them well. Variables such as colors and shapes and what textures and materials are the best for the weather conditions in the area, all come together to make a perfect bathroom.

Premium Services

bathroom-remodelingWe provide great bathroom remodel options and convenient quick fixes for problems with existing bathroom designs but we also provide a smorgasbord of other services that help you make tough decisions.

A few of the services we provide are free in-home cost estimates, custom designs with individual measurements, complete installations in one day, and a lifetime guarantee.

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg we also provide anti-microbial surface technology. This means that mold, mildew, and bacterial build up on tiles, bathtubs, shower heads and sinks will be completely avoided. This will prevent infections and illnesses from manifesting in your household due to external intrusions.

We also provide specialized walk-in showers and bathtubs and seats and whirlpool jets for hydrotherapy for our customers with special needs and physical handicaps.

You can Rest Easy with us

Now that you know about our efficiency and assurances, you can relax and let us take care of everything. We will keep you informed every step of the way. We will let you know when you can get a better deal on an existing extension or bathroom element or if you can install something that will help members of your household navigate the environment of the bathroom better, such as guard rails.

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg we can transform your bathroom and give it atmosphere and ambience. You can logon to our website right now and fill out a form to get a free estimate. So what are you waiting for? Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg now.