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    Williamsburg Walk-In Tub Installers

    walk-in-tubIf you’re considering giving your bathroom a new look and modernizing its dated design, consider calling Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg for a walk-in bathtub. They can be found in a lot of bathrooms, especially in the homes of Generation X and older.

    These walk-in tub designs can be custom fitted to suit your needs and can be incorporated into your existing bathroom design if you so choose. Old bathtubs and new bathtubs can both benefit from the convenience and ease of use of a walk-in option. And you can be sure that Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg will get you the best deal on either of those options.

    Customized Convenience

    If you want to be adventurous with your bathtub design, then the walk-in bathtub will be perfect for you. Think what you could do with a high-sided bath tub with a leak proof side door. You can still lie in the water for as long as you like, soaking your troubles away, and not worry about any spill over.

    They also come with safety options like built-in seats and ADA compliant hand bars that can help you get in and out of the bath tub? If you’re feeling more adventurous, we can even install whirlpool jets.

    Aesthetics and Function at a Fair Price

    While looking for this new addition to your home, we know that a lot of things will cross your mind. Our years of experience and knowledge in the field give us the confidence to say, we’ve anticipated your requests. We know how to work with a swathe of materials, styles, colors, and designs that will all be focused on balancing beauty with function.

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg, the best in materials and craftsmanship will be at your disposal, and our experts will make sure to give you all the options available for whatever walk-in tub you need. This will ensure that you don’t break the bank when choosing the perfect option.

    Safety in Sanctuary

    walk-in-tubThe bathroom is the one place in your home where you are the most vulnerable and want to feel the safest. This is especially true of senior citizens and the handicapped. While in that vulnerable position, there needs to be safeguards to protect you from falls and other injuries.

    According to Centers for Disease Control (CDC), two-thirds of bathroom injuries occur near the shower and tub. So, when making a walk-in tub, the designer needs to be wary of all possible safety issues.

    Every year, one in three adults over 65 fall in the bathroom and that frequency goes up with age. As mentioned before, installed handle bars and seats within our walk-in tubs minimize that risk significantly.

    This is significant for the elderly due to the fact that they can relax and undergo a sort of therapy while bathing. This relaxes their muscles, soothes their pain, and gives them respite from an otherwise tiring ordeal as they struggle through life during their sunset years.

    Choose From a Variety

    At Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg you can choose from a variety of walk-in tubs designed for hydrotherapy. With whirlpools and therapeutic water jets, they soothe and create a spa-like experience. They also have anti-slip surfaces for extra safety.

    Then there is the option of the walk-in tub and shower combo. This includes easy-to-reach controls, complete with a shower wand and a Personal Hygiene Bidet. You can also get massaging water jets in the shower that create a soothing experience.

    Advice and Consultations

    While our services are primarily to remodel and redesign your bathroom, we also provide professional advice and consultations to help you in making remodeling decisions. Most people come into the market looking for something useful and cheap, while they do not have any idea what they want.

    We take it upon ourselves to introduce you to options that you didn't know existed. This way you can save big and still make the best decision possible. That’s a win-win.

    If you would like to experience our services first hand, please do not hesitate. Call Five Star Bath Solutions of Williamsburg at (757) 210-3355 today.

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