8 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Shine

Bathrooms can get dingy over time, even with regular cleanings. Make your bathroom sparkle with these 8 easy tips. 

1 Ceilings
Ceilings are easily forgotten because we don't usually look at them. It's a good idea to scrub them down at least once a year if not more. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner and a sponge. Remove any mildew with a non-chlorine bleach water solution, or white vinegar solution because it's less harsh than bleach.

2 Walls
On basic painted walls, the same solution you used to clean the ceiling can also be used to wipe down the walls. If you have tile walls, I am sorry, those are a chore to clean. Take a look at the grout for cracks to determine if it's time to replace the grout - again. If it's not cracked, scrub and seal the grout as needed. If you are looking to get rid of that tile so you don't have to scrub grout any more, give Five Star Bath Solutions a call. Consider using a squeegee to remove water from your tub and shower wall area to prevent mold and mildew from taking hold. 

3 Tub, shower
Use nonabrasive cleanser on acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain enamel tubs. Do not use abrasives scouring pads. If you have an air-jet or water-jet tubs be sure to follow manufacture instructions to keep it clean and in top working condition. If you don't have a caddy to hold your soap and shampoo's, get one. It will really improve your showering experience. 

4 Shower door/curtain
Shower curtains can and should be put in the wash periodically. Add a couple of towels to the load and a cup of white vinegar to break up the soap scum. On shower doors use vinegar water and a cloth to clean up the soap scum. Don't forget to clean up the track with an old toothbrush and vinegar water.

5 Toilet, shower head
To remove hard water, use a pumice stone to score away the lime scale in the toilet bowl. A plastic bag with some white vinegar can be used to remove the hard water on the shower head. Simply immerse the shower head in the vinegar water by securing the bag to the shower head using a rubber band.  Let it sit for at least 20 minutes and then scrub the shower head with a toothbrush. 

6 Vanity, medicine chest
Go through your medicine cabinet and dispose of old, outdated medications. Consolidate where appropriate and using organizer trays sort items as necessary. Wipe down the area shelves and door with a mild cleaner and replaced the remaining items in an organized manner.  Take this opportunity to clean out your makeup collection too. Don't hang on to anything that is crumbled or so low it's taking you longer to apply your makeup. 

7 Sink, counter top
Clear off the counter top, remove all unnecessary items from your counter top. Try to find homes for everything and keep the counter area clear so it's easier to wipe clean every day. Give the sink a really thorough cleaning removing lime scale from the faucet handles and spout. Repair leaks if there are any. 

8 Floor
Floors get abused and ignored. Take time to scrub the corners around the room using a toothbrush. If it's really dingy and the mop isn't going to do the job, baking soda makes a great cleaner to remove the grime that had been ground into the floor. Be careful of the kind of flooring you have, stone, marble and some tile requires special care to keep it looking beautiful. Do it right and don't regret it. 

For more ideas, take a look at Style at Home blog post by Kathleen Door for more bathroom cleaning ideas. 8 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle.