A Guide to Shower Head Design

Shower heads are some of the most detailed fixtures in a bathroom. With many options now available to choose from, it’s something to think about before making a choice. What features do you and others who will be using that bathroom want or need? Here is a guide to different shower head designs and their features for your review.

Shower Arm

Shower arm wall mounts come in various shapes and sizes, there are right angle arms, S style and hook arm styles to name a few. This is an important feature to consider when selecting a shower head. Some styles look and work well with certain shower heads more than others and may determine how the head is angled. For example you may want a large rain shower head to hang straight down rather than at an angle where as a simpler shower head may need to hang at an angle.

Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are designed to create the feeling that you are showering in the rain. These shower heads are offered in various sizes for your choice of coverage. They also come in a square design as well. Some designs feature a pulse mechanism to more fully mimic rain by forcing the water stream into droplets. Take a look at this link for more information on this fancy shower head design.

A Guide to Shower Head Design Image

This rain can shower head looks great on this extended right angle shower arm wall mount.


Handheld shower heads are great for convenience, and make the showering process easier. They are also nice for tub time with small children, rinsing the shampoo out of their hair becomes a lot easier with one of these.  The number one reason why I love these handheld shower heads is for an easier shower cleaning process. Before I had one of these I got water all over me and the bathroom just trying to rinse the chemicals off the walls of the shower and around the tub because I was using a small bucket or cup. These are great because I just turn on the shower and rise down the enclosure really quick with the handheld shower head and I am done.

A Guide to Shower Head Design Image

Hand held showers are connected to a hose and make showering and cleaning the shower so much easier.

Handheld with Adjustable Height

This shower head is attached to a bar that is mounted to the wall. This feature is really great for households with varying height needs. This shower will satisfy the very tall, the not-so-tall and the elderly with special needs. I recommend this shower head for seniors because it allows them to sit down and shower, reducing the possibility of falling because the shower head can be lowered to where they can reach it without having to stand up.

A Guide to Shower Head Design Image

Adjustable height slider bars for shower heads makes height differences less inconvenient.

 Spray Settings

Spray settings are a nice feature to have on a shower head because you can adjust the way the water streams from it. Adjustment settings include changing the focus of the water stream to be wider or narrower which also effects how hard or soft the water flow is. This is great because a small child may require a softer flow setting where as an adult may want a flow setting with a little more gusto. Sometimes these spray settings include an off setting which is great for seniors and for washing babies because you can maintain the correct water temperature and temporarily shut off the water flow to scrub up.

 A Guide to Shower Head Design Image

Adjustable spray setting options are one of my favorite features in shower head design.

Shower Panel with Massage Jets

Imagine getting a back massage with every shower. These shower panels are pretty intense looking but you’ll feel great when you are finished. These shower panels aren’t exactly glamorous, because of all the water jets up and down the panel, designers have still managed to create some pretty sleek looking versions of this high tech shower head.

A Guide to Shower Head Design Image

This sleek looking shower panel with massage jets will have anyone feeling great when they get done showering.

Two-in-One Shower

A two in one shower head has both the stationary shower head with a handheld shower feature that fits inside the stationary head. This shower head has advantage of the wider coverage of a rain shower head and the convenience of a regular handheld. It’s the best of both worlds.

Other Options to Consider

There are a bunch of additional options available now like shower heads with LED lights that light up the water in a cool color and looks very New Age. There are shower heads with built in speakers, and others with adjustable sections for cross angled water streams. So do some research and I guarantee you’ll find what you are looking for.

As I stated before, when selecting the best shower head for your bathroom, there are a lot of different shower head features available to choose from. Consider things like height differences, age, mobility and other needs of the members of your household who will be using the shower you are renovating and choose the best shower head for everyone’s needs.

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