Things to Know About Replacing a Shower Head

There is more to replacing shower fixtures than what you might think. 

Thinking about changing the shower head? There are some nice perks to changing a shower head for something newer. Such perks include beautiful new designs with luxurious features like dual and jet shower systems. A low flow shower head designed to reduce water use by 40 percent or more could save you quite a bit of money. Awesome right? 

The downside to changing the shower head is that it might not match your faucet and handle anymore. If you are changing the shower head and you want everything to match, you should know it’s more involved than simply removing and replacing surface fixtures.

If you are changing the faucet handle as well as the shower head then you should change the whole valve system. This is because the valve tends to get worn out from use over time. Because it’s an involved project, you might as well change the whole system while you are in there to save trouble later.

There a a variety of valves to choose from for you shower. Our personal favorite is the posi-temp valve. You can recognize a posi-temp valve by the lever that must be rotated to turn the shower on and off as well as adjust the temperature. This is our favorite shower valve at Five Star Bath Solutions and we are happy to do the installation for you.

Things to Know About Replacing a Showerhead

Doing a plumbing job yourself is a risky business. The time it would take you to complete to job on your own will be longer than having a professional do it. The water must be shut off during the job, which means no running water in the house. If you have a family you can imagine the chaos that could ensue, especially if you run into a problem and don’t have the tools are parts you need to fix it right away.

By trying to change the valve yourself, you also run the risk of water damage between the walls because of potential leaks in the system from a faulty installation job. Such a mistake will cost you more money in the long run than you hoped to save by doing it yourself.

“What you may think will be a $200 fix can turn into a $1000 repair job if you don’t know what you are doing.” said Seth Watson, Five Star Bath Solutions Estimator. “It’s worth it to spend the extra $300 and get the job done right.”

This project requires special tools and is considered an advanced plumbing project. Unless you know what you are doing, I wouldn’t try to tackle this one without a professional. Doing this wrong can end in major water damage if the faucet valve is not installed properly. Plus you won’t have to invest in tools for this project that you may not need to use again.

If you want a fancy new showerhead, or just one that works better, and matching fixtures, then it’s time to change the valve as well. Save yourself time, stress and possible repair costs from potential leaks and water damage by having a professional do the installation for you.

Your new shower fixtures are going to look great. While you are having this done you might think about new bath or shower wall surfaces in acrylic or printed PVC that looks like natural stone without the upkeep. You will love how great they look and how easy these surfaces are to clean.


  • There are advantages to a new shower head.
  • When you change fixtures, plan on changing the valve as well.
  • Changing a valve is an advanced plumbing project.
  • Having a professional install the valve will prevent water damage and repair costs.

Lindsey Palmer

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