Walk-In Tubs

Alliance Walk-In Tub Installers


Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance can help you transform your current bathroom into a modern and comfortable space. Our walk-in tub installers can offer you a customized bathtub solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

Safety and Convenience

Our walk-in tubs have maximum convenience and safety features. They are particularly suitable for seniors. Research has shown that most trip and fall cases in the home occur near the bathroom.

Traditional shower and tubs are responsible for many injuries among the elderly. In most cases, the trip and fall injury occurs when a person tries to step over the high-rise tub. Other times, a person can fall due to a slippery tub or shower surface. Moreover, mobility and balance problems and fading eyesight further increase the chances of a slip and fall injury.

If safety is a prime concern for you, our walk-in tubs will be the perfect solution for your bathroom. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance, we recognize the hazards and create a perfectly safe bathtub. Our tubs have a number of safety features allowing you to remain secure and enjoy a relaxing bath.

Large Variety of Walk-in Tubs

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance, we provide a large variety of walk-in tubs. Our walk-in tubs are available in different colors, designs, and sizes. You can select a bathtub that suits your preferences and budget.

Luxury and Comfort Combined

Our bathtubs provide maximum luxury and comfort. The bathtubs have therapeutic features including the dual hydrotherapy system. You will be able to create a spa-like environment at your own home when you contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance for a walk-in tub installation. By choosing us, you can enjoy a relaxing and luxurious bath. Our bathtubs can be fully customized to include features such as ADA-compliant grab bars, whirlpool jets, and heated seats and backrest.

Lifetime Guarantee


At Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance, we strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We stand by our products and provide lifetime guarantee. Our bathtub installers will replace the tub in case it develops a defect after installation — at no additional cost.

Walk-in Tub/Shower Combo

If you want to enjoy both the convenience of a shower and the comfort of the bathtub, then our walk-in tub/shower combo will be the ideal solution for you. With our walk-in tub/shower combo, you can enjoy a quick shower when you are pressed for time, and soak in a refreshing bubble bath in spare time.

The combo comes with a lot of value-added features such as a shower wand, easy-to-reach controls, massaging water jets, and even a personal hygiene bidet.

Safety and Convenience Features

Walk-in bathtubs from Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance have a lot of safety and convenient features. The tubs are customizable allowing you to create a comforting bathtub experience.

  • Aromatherapy and Hydrotherapy systems
  • Anti-microbial properties
  • Low-step threshold for easy access
  • Handheld shower nozzle
  • Door seal with lifetime guarantee
  • Air jet systems
  • Different color and size options
  • Fast flow drain to minimize waiting time
  • Heated seat and backrest

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Five Star Bath Solutions of Alliance provides no-obligation initial consultation at your home. You can contact us at (817) 854-2584 to get help selecting a walk-in tub that will best suit your needs. Our walk-in tub installers will provide you with qualified advice relating to walk-in installation.