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    Alpharetta Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


    How Do We Work?

    A lot of planning and investment goes into bathroom remodeling. Whether your bathroom requires a few repairs or if you want to upgrade it fully, it is important to hire professionals. Put your trust in Five Star Bath Solutions of Alpharetta for building a customized and functional bathroom.

    Talk to An Estimator

    The first step in remodeling your bathroom is talking to an estimator that can help you understand what is needed for your bathroom. Our estimators are friendly and professional.

    On your first visit, we would also provide you with an estimated budget. We can help you figure out how to make your dreams become a reality for your bathroom.

    Taking the Measurements


    After we know how you want your bathroom to look, our experts will take precise measurements of all the lines and angles of your bathroom. This helps us to procure the right amount of material and build solutions and fixtures that fit perfectly.

    After we note all the measurements, we spend time in creating customized materials for you. We do this with our proprietary 3D modeling software so that you can see exactly what your bathroom will look like when it’s finished.

    Custom Installation

    In the end, we start performing the installation of fixtures, flooring, walls, and other materials. Our designers will also make some minor adjustments during the final stages of the installation process.

    Don’t worry! Everything comes manufactured for your bathroom specifically so everything will be fitted correctly, and your bathroom will be comfortable, ventilated, and spacious.

    Get in Touch with Five Star Bath Solutions for a Free Consultation

    Five Star Bath Solutions works throughout Fulton County and has gained a great deal of experience in designing high-quality bathrooms. Our staff is trained and experienced, maximizing the convenience of your bathroom.

    Furthermore, we go the next mile to make sure our clients receive premium quality bathroom solutions, while our friendly customer representatives can effectively address your concerns.

    Call us at (770) 343-3368 right now to set up a free consultation.

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