Bathroom Color Spotlight: Orange

Looking to spice up your bathroom space? Consider adding the color ORANGE! Be it wall color and flooring, or towels and accessories, orange can add a new flavor to your bathroom.


Orange Walls

Looking for a change up from white walls or wallpaper? Try adding a fresh, new coat of orange paint. Orange is a warm color and there are various shades of orange to choose from.


Orange Sink Top

Want to brighten up the bathroom sink space? Consider adding an orange bathroom sink top. A vibrant orange sink space can help bring color into your bathroom.


Orange Accessories

If you’re looking to add just a touch of orange to your bathing space, consider adding some simple orange accessories.


Orange flowers next to the sink or on a windowsill can make a nice, simple addition to your bathroom. Flowers are a great way to bring a natural element inside and can liven up your space.


If you’d like to reuse your flowers, artificial flowers and artificial flower petals are another option. Orange vases can also be used for an extra touch of orange.



Orange towels are an easy way to bring orange into your bathroom space. Coordinate towel colors, be it all orange, orange and white, orange and blue, or whatever color combination you choose. Consider complementing orange towels with an orange bath rug, or shower mat.


Orange Decor

Depending on which type of soap you use, consider purchasing an orange soap dish, or an orange hand soap dispenser. Find orange bathroom decor elements to store items such as toothbrushes, brushes, makeup, and other useful toiletry items.


Seasonal Decorations

During the autumn season, consider adding small pumpkins, gourds, or orange leaves to your vanity or sink space. You can also add some orange decor to your bathroom around Halloween to highlight the holiday.

When it’s summertime, consider cutting orange slices and placing them in flower jars, or freshening your bathroom with orange-scented candles or fresheners. You can also hang a picture of a beautiful orange-filled sunset on the ocean.

Rubber Ducks

Lastly, if you’re into rubber ducks, consider finding an orange rubber duck to complete your orange-filled bathing space.


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