Bathroom Renovator

Professional Bathroom Remodelers for Calgary

Professional Bathroom Remodelers for Calgary

If you are considering giving your bathroom the ultimate makeover but are confused about where to start, don’t look beyond Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary.

We are the best bathroom installers in your city with just about everything that you need to renovate your bathroom, so you don’t have to experience any kind of inconvenience or discomfort. With state-of-the-art products and cutting edge technology, Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary is your best option for a bathroom remodeling project.

Many homeowners are often big on DIY methods and resort to similar approaches even when it comes to remodeling tasks. While painting walls or fixing furniture are doable activities, remodeling a bathroom is a different story. In such situations, they often find themselves stuck somewhere in the middle and have to resort to a professional’s help which ultimately does put a dent in their wallet.

We at Five Star Bath Solutions certainly don’t want you to go through any such inconvenient experience, so turn to our experts in the first place.

In case you are hesitant, take a look at three reasons why Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary is the best choice for your bathroom remodeling.

1. Top of The Line Products

The success of remodeling and renovation projects depends on two major factors: flawless installation and top-of-the-line products. Lucky for you, Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary has expertise in both areas.

A common concern or complaint raised by many homeowners when it comes to bathroom remodeling has to do with the kind of products used.

At Five Star Bath Solutions, you certainly don’t have to worry about that because we bring you the highest quality products and at affordable rates, too, considering how we source the products directly from the manufacturer.

On top of that, these products are handled and installed by our expert installers, who will do their best to give you exactly the kind of bathroom that you have in mind.

2. Extensive Customization Options


Have you ever come across two bathrooms that are exactly the same? Probably not! This goes to suggest how people want different things for their bathrooms and also how there’s so much that can be done in even a basic and a small bathroom.

Keeping that in mind, Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary brings you extensive customization options to help you make your bathroom your own and ever-so-unique, of course!

Some of the custom options that we offer include the following:

·         Personalized glass shower doors

·         Customized vanity tops

·         Cultured marble bathroom baseboards

·         Whirlpool tubs

·         Jacuzzis

·         Bathtub shower surrounds

·         Walk-in tubs

·         Shower conversions

With so many incredible options available at your disposal, your bathroom certainly can’t go wrong with Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary.

3. Quick Installations

One of the biggest downsides about getting your bathroom remodeled is the waiting period. No one likes the thought of having to use someone else’s bathroom in the house till theirs gets fixed. 

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Calgary, we ensure that this doesn’t happen by offering remodels and installations that are faster than anyone else. We have learned the ways and tricks around remodeling projects, no matter how big or small they might be.

Our aim is to finish the work as quickly as possible, and in many cases, our team can even get it done within a matter of 24 hours!