Shower to Tub Conversion

Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey Shower to Tub Conversions


Have you been looking forward to a relaxing bubble bath for a while? Let Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey help you. Having years of experience with bathroom renovation, we have just the perfect solution for you.

For starters, we offer a range of designs for our customers to choose from. We believe that having a bathtub installed is not just about your comfort and convenience. It is about creating a contemporary setting for your bathroom, maximizing the space, and eventually enhancing the overall value of your property. We offer some of the most exotic designs for your bathtub. The following points will give you more insight into what benefits you get by choosing us.

Quick Installation

One of the greatest advantages that Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey has is that we complete the entire installation in less than a day. We value your time! This is why our team of professionals is always dedicated to offering a service that meets all of your requirements without taking much of your time.

Our team of experts has been remodeling bathrooms for about a decade now. They know the exact areas that need to be tapped to get the job done in time. Making the most of that experience, they tend to complete the tub installation within a few hours at most.

Uncompromised Quality

Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey does not, under any circumstances, compromise on quality. This does not mean that we take more time to finish the installation. Our expert team members take it upon themselves to get the installation completed within a 24-hour period, without stepping down on quality.

We promise our customers that we will offer them the utmost quality of work within a day, and we meet that promise. We have been meeting it for decades now! By hiring Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey, you will get the job done as per your specifications, with no compromises on quality whatsoever.

Customized Solutions

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey , we value your input. Our designer and the team of expert installers do not just get things done on their own. Prior to the inception of the entire installation process, we sit down with you and take in your ideas on how and where you want the accessories to be installed.

It is only then that we craft a solution to offer you a service that satisfies your needs while meeting all the technical requirements of the job. The result? You get the tub installed the way you had always wanted it, and we get another satisfied customer.

Benefits that Revolve Around You!


The entire set of services that we provide at Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey is created to revolve around our customers. Our primary goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers. We offer the following major benefits:

  • Our customers get to choose from products that stand out in the market.
  • The entire staff from our experienced designers to our dedicated installers work to provide you with the ultimate quality results.
  • All of our workers are certified and are regularly trained to keep up with the most contemporary practices in the market.
  • Despite the highest-quality services, our charges are extremely affordable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey, your satisfaction is guaranteed! After all, it is what we are specifically aiming for. In addition to a bathtub replacement, we also offer our customers a complete bathroom renovation. In fact, we are known for completing bathroom remodeling projects within a single day!

To get a bathtub replaced, or have a complete bathroom renovation, call (908) 332-0904 and get in touch with Five Star Bath Solutions of Central New Jersey. We guarantee your satisfaction!