Converting an Old Dresser Into a Bathroom Vanity

A flea-market find is easily and inexpensively turned into a unique bathroom vanity.

Tools and Materials:
jig saw
spray-paint nozzle
caulk gun
silicone caulk
spray enamel
plumber’s (Teflon) tape
slip-joint pliers
100-grit sandpaper

Tile Bathrrom Vanity BWSteps:
1. Determine the placement of the sink on the vanity. Center the sink, if there is a backsplash, push the sink back against it. Trace the outline of the sink onto the top of the vanity. Use a drill to make the initial hole then use a jig saw cut the rest of the hole 1/2 inch inside the line.

2. Measure the height of the existing plumbing coming out of the wall. Transfer this measurement to the back of the cabinet. Use a drill then a jig saw to cut out the holes.

3. If the dresser has top drawers, you will have to separate the drawer from the drawer face to make room for the plumbing. You can then either permanently affix the drawer face to the dresser or retro fit the drawer face with flip-down hinges and a tray that attaches to the back of the drawer face.

4. After the sink hole is cut, remove the sink and set it aside. If you are going to paint the cabinet, sand the surface with 100-grit sandpaper. You don't need to get the entire finish off; just take off the glossy top-coat so the new paint will adhere well. Apply an enamel spray paint to the cabinet. Enamel will help protect the wood from the humidity in the bathroom. If you are leaving the existing finish on the dresser, you can apply a coat of polyurethane. Install the countertop. We tiled our vanity top. Granite or marble can be used as well; have the retailer cut the sink hole for you to match the hole in the dresser.

5. If adding a new faucet, install the faucet into the sink before mounting the sink in the vanity. Tighten new supply lines to the faucet.

6. Run a bead of silicone caulk around the sink cut-out and drop the sink into the hole. (We found a vintage sink for just $50.) The caulk will seal against leaks and keep sink in place. Once the vanity is in place, hook up the drain lines and water lines to the home's plumbing. If you're not sure how to do this, follow the manufacturer's instructions or call a plumber.

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