Walk-In Tubs

Fort Lauderdale Walk-In Tub Installers


Make your bathroom safer for every member of your family with our innovative walk-in tubs.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Fort Lauderdale aspires to create modern bathrooms that are perfectly secure for people of all ages. Since the high walls of traditional bathtubs can be a recipe for disaster, our expert designers have crafted a wide range of walk-in tubs that look just as stately as their traditional counterparts while being several times more functional.

If you have family members who find excessive movement painful and have arthritis or other painful conditions, this bathroom upgrade will certainly make their bath time more relaxing and comfortable.

These are some of the most prominent features of our walk-in tubs that have turned them into a favorite among our customers.

Well-Designed Shower Seats

Most slip and fall accidents occur in the shower as people are more likely to lose their footing on a wet and slippery surface.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Fort Lauderdale has troubleshooted this problem by equipping its walk-in tubs with custom-designed shower seats. These built-in seats will give you more independence as you enjoy your shower after a long and hectic day. They are also easy to clean and low maintenance, which means they will look brand new for years to come.

Our comfortable shower seats can be particularly useful for senior adults and those struggling with balance problems or vertigo.

Easy-to-Open Doors

Our easy open doors will make getting in and out of your bathtub a piece of cake.

We all know that stepping into a tub can be difficult for individuals suffering from joint pain and other ailments. Therefore, we have designed our walk-in tubs to ensure you never have to rely on another person to help you enter or exit the shower.

Excellent addition to any bathroom, this thoughtful fixture will ensure your loved one remains safe and sound as they enjoy their new bathtub.

Low-Threshold Shower Bars


It may be tempting to grab onto the nearest towel rack or soap holder when slipping in the shower. However, these fixtures are not sturdy enough to support your weight.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Fort Lauderdale installs meticulously designed low-threshold shower bars in the walk-in tubs to ensure you have something to grab onto as you stand up. These bars can also be rather useful if one loses balance while lowering onto the shower seat.

Our designers have researched the best spots to install these strong and durable bars in your bathroom. In addition, you can choose one that fits your style and space requirements from our collection of shower bars in different colors, sizes, and textures.

Ambidextrous Options

Are you a left-handed person who has to regularly deal with bathroom fixtures designed for right-handed folks? Well, you’re not alone.

Since Five Star Bath Solutions takes great pride in offering something for everyone, we also make sure all our walk-in tubs come with ambidextrous options. Whether your left hand is dominant or you can’t use your right hand due to any reason, we can assure you that our bathroom remodels will make your daily life easier and more convenient.

Upgrade your bathroom with a state-of-the-art walk-in tub by contacting Five Star Bath Solutions of Fort Lauderdale today. You can give us a call at (954) 371-0306 to schedule an in-home consultation with zero obligations.