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Frequently Asked Questions

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What To Expect

What to expect with Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville

Are We The Right Fit?

Is Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville the right fit?
How much does it cost?
Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville costs thousands less than traditional remodeling and offers modest pricing options to fit any budget, including zero down payment financing and other smart pay financing options. We also offer free estimates from our qualified experts that we will honor when it comes time to pay.
Do you offer financing?
In order to make our Greenville bathroom remodels more affordable than they already are, we offer financing with zero down options.
Can we get estimate over the phone?
All of our estimates are quick, accurate, and free. We honor them down to the penny when it comes to each job. So, we like to give you the most accurate estimate possible by visiting the site and inspecting it ourselves.
Can you give me a budget?
Once our in-home estimate is complete we can certainly supply you with a budget. The estimate is fast and free. Afterwards you'll know to the penny pricing of what the budget for your job will look like.
Do you price match?
If a qualifying home remodeling company meets all the same standards as Five Star Bath Solutions and submits a lower bid within 30 days of completion, then yes. We will refund the difference and give you a $100 within 30 days of receiving the written specifications and proposal from the qualified home remodeling company.
Can I buy the supplies separate and install it myself?
We install our own products to avoid warranty issues and ensure the product is performing at its highest capabilities.
Do you offer senior/military discounts?
We honor our veterans and seniors by offering an additional discount to the overall project price. *Varies by location
Does Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville offer retiling?
We've found that retiling is only a temporary fix that makes the real issue worse later on. We offer permanent solutions by doing a full remodel using our modern, lifetime warrantied products.
Does Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville re-glaze, fix, or resurface tubs and shower bases?
We find that re-glazing, fixing, or resurfacing tubs or shower bases only offers a temporary solution. Our state-of-the art products offer a permanent fix to your remodeling needs, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
Do you have your own employees?
Each job is carried out by a trained Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville employee who has passed a drug screen and background check.
Do you need to recaulk the system?
Our professional installation coupled with high-quality products means that you won't have to recaulk the system.
Do you wear masks / covid measures?
Our employees follow CDC recommendations when it comes to covid measures. If you would like extra protection, that can be carried out upon request.
Can you work with a window in the bathroom?
With our completely customizable panels, working with a window in the bathroom won't be a problem.
Do you do floors, Vanities, sheet rock, etc?
We choose to work solely on the wet area to become bathing area remodeling experts for our customers and never take a job we can't perform to our standards. *Varies by location
How long before we can use it after finishing the job?
Our products take one day to cure before you can enjoy the transformation for the rest of your life.
What is the advantage of a new bathroom remodel with Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville?
Our new bathroom remodels come with many advantages in todays market: We use only the highest quality bathroom remodeling products and materials. We back all parts, labor, and materials with a full lifetime warranty. Our materials are modern, grout free, impervious to mold and mildew with the look of beautiful natural stone and require less maintenance and no harsh chemicals for cleaning. There's zero down financing available and most of our remodels are completed within 1-2 days. Often, a new bathroom will raise the value of the home and property. We offer options for safer bathing for people that need extra accessibility. All around, we offer the most value and will price match to make getting a new bathroom remodel from Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville your best choice.
How long have you been in business?
Five Star Bath Solutions has have been installing quality bathrooms since 1996.
Are you a local company?
Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville is locally owned and operated right here in Greenville.
What can I do with my new tub?
It’s simple! You can start by requesting a demo below, and we’ll reach out to schedule a time to walk you through the platform. After that, you’re free to take Wibbitz for a test drive. Depending on which plan you pick, you’ll learn the ropes with a hands-on training session or a self-guided tour. Wibbitz was designed to make video storytelling easy, so anyone can start creating videos in minutes. No prior experience necessary!
What is your warranty?
We're so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime warranty on all parts, materials, and labor serviced by your local Greenville installer. If something breaks, Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville will fix it. *Varies by location.
How long is it going to take?
Many of our projects will be finished in one to two days. This can vary depending on potential problems found during demolition and the size of the project.
Can you do more than re-fitter companies?
Bathtub fittings or liners merely covers your old problems with a new layer. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville, we tear down to the studs and inspect so old problems can be fixed, rather than covered up. We provide a permanent solution
How are your wall panels different?
Our designs are embedded into the wall panels so you'll never lose the look that you love. They're also completely waterproof and grout free and resistant to mold and mildew.
What's the bathroom maintenance like?
We use only the most modern bathing technology. Our grout free products are impervious to mold and mildew and bacteria resistant. A periodical wipe down with non-abrasive chemicals will ensure the highest level of cleanliness for your wet area.
What color choices do you offer?
We offer over 20 color choices for the latest modern looks and trends in bathrooms.
Do you offer bathroom design services?
We have design experts that will help guide and finalize your decisions to give you the best possible looking bathroom. On top of that, each expert is equipped with our revolutionary design technology. You'll be able to see exactly what your bathroom will look like through our 3-D rendering, guaranteeing satisfaction of the job before it's even started.
What is the material of the new bathtub?
We use the latest bathtub technology consisting of unique multi-layered, composite material developed to meet the demand for a permanent and maintenance-free option with the look of natural stone and granite in wet-wall bathroom applications.
Can you make the tub deeper?
We have many deep soak tub options that will meet expectations. Many of our clients love the designs and functionality, so we continue to offer them.
Do you do whirlpool tubs?
We can offer hydrotherapy options such as whirlpool tubs, air jets, micro bubble systems, etc. Contact us for more details.
Can you install a bath shower combo?
Using our unique wall paneling system and trained technicians, we are able to successfully install bath shower combos. They can be a great option for your family that provides the ultimate flexibility and bathing comfort you need.
Can you install a new shower?
At Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville, we install new showers, tubs, can convert either, and offer safety options for each service we provide. If it belongs in the wet area of a bathroom, we can do it.
Can you do shower doors?
We have a wide array of shower enclosure options which include glass doors and rods.
What are the storage options (shelves, etc)?
There are many storage options available to you upon request. Contact us see what options we offer.
Can you make the shower bigger?
We specialize in creating more specials bathing areas and offer various sizes of shower conversions including barrier free options.
Do I have to have a shower door?
Each job is customized to the needs of the customer. If you don't want a shower door, you certainly don't have to have one.
Can you pull out a tub and put in a shower?
Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville specializes in tub to shower conversion. Not only can we do it, we can do it well.
What does a shower conversion consist of?
This is seen as more of a partial remodel for those Greenville homeowners who are looking to update bathrooms that may contain older tubs, chipped or cracked showers, or mold and mildew, or are looking for more functionality and bath space. It's an excellent option to refresh your bathroom and enlarge your bathing space without paying for an entire bathroom remodel.
Why should I convert my bathtub into a walk-in shower?
Some of our customers have limited mobility and feel safer knowing they don't have to step over their tub to use the shower. Others want a more spacious, roomier shower to enjoy, and some want to remodel just because their current tub is an eyesore and doesn't fit their design goals.
Do you offer walk-in bathtubs in your packages?
Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville is expert in safe, aging in place bathing options like walk-in tubs. Let us help you regain your independence while maintaining your bathing comfort. We offer a wide variety of walk-in tub sizes with features that will make your bathroom a place for rejuvenation in a safe bathing environment.
Do you offer low threshold walk-in showers?
Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville is expert in increased mobility or aging in place bathing options like walk in showers with low thresholds for increased safety and mobility.
Do you install seats?
Whether you need a folding, corner, or fixed seat, we can provide omfortable, convenient bath seats.
Do you have safety options?
From grab bars to seats and non-slip mats, our safety baths and showers are ADA approved and guaranteed to provide peace of mind in the bathroom.
Does Five Star Bath Solutions provide safe bathing options for seniors or those with accessibility challenges?
Yes! Whatever your bathing needs and desires, Five Star Bath Solutions of Greenville has the perfect solution to help you regain your bathing independence and maintain the maximum bathing comfort. If you are a senior or have limited mobility, arthritis, joint pain or tension, this is the right solution for you. From the design consultation through the complete installation of your new safe bathroom, we are there with you every step of the way, making your experience transparent and worry-free.
Can you add grab bars?
We are experts in creating a safe bathing environment, including the addition of our ADA-rated grab bars.

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