How to Choose a Bathroom Sink

The bathroom sink that you choose for your family's bath helps to accentuate the overall ambience of your particular decorating style. The bathroom has evolved from more than just a necessary room in the home. The modern bath can be a luxurious oasis, a personal retreat, an escape from the world, or it can be a wonderland of fun for tiny tots playing in mounds of bubbles. No matter what your bathroom means to your family, there is an infinite selection of beautiful and long lasting bathroom sinks for you to choose from on today's market - with choices of styles, sizes, materials, designs, heights, widths, and depths to fit perfectly with what you have always envisioned as your perfect bath.

Kohler Ladena Undermount Lavatory Sink Bathroom Sink Styles
The bathroom sink is oftentimes referred to as the lavatory or lavatory sink, and can be counter topwall mounted or wall hungundercounterabove counter vessel types, pedestalcast iron, integrated, freestanding, or self-rimming, and more. The bathroom sink that you choose will determine the type of faucet and handles that you can install in the sink, so keep that in mind to assure that your faucet purchase is compatible with your bathroom sink purchase. Let's review the most common installations that you can choose from when creating your perfect bathroom...

Wall Mounted sinks are just what the name implies - mounted to the wall. These are perfect for the bathroom that is limited in space, and allows for you to use the space below the sink as opposed to having a cabinet in that area - freeing up room in tight quarters for a wastebasket, etc. A wall mounted sink can make small bathrooms look bigger, and there are decorative covers available that will hide the drain pipe and plumbing from sight as well.

Pedestal Bathroom Sink Pedestal bathroom sinks are not only very trendy, but lend a Colonial feel to your bath. Basically, a pedestal bathroom sink features a wall-mounted sink that rests on a pedestal beneath. Again, this is the perfect sink for smaller bathroom because it doesn't require the vanity space of a traditional sink, although you do give up the storage that a vanity type sink affords.
Wall Mount Bathroom Sink
Self rimming bathroom sinks are oftentimes called drop in sinks or top mount sinks, and are placed directly into a cutout in the top of the bathroom vanity cabinet and secured tightly into place. One type of self-rimming sink is called the tile-in bathroom sink that features tiles that fit over the rim of the sink to create a flush surface. Traditionally, self-rimming sinks are popular among homeowners.

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