How Do I Save Time and Money On My Project?

Now you know what a shower conversion is and how to do it. The next step is getting into the logistics. When it comes to time and money, many renovations can seem daunting.

Don’t fret! With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be able to plan the perfect project.

We know we need to have a budget and consider timetables. But what are some real, concrete things you can do to save time and money?

Ways to Save

Here are four things you can do yourself that save your budget and your schedule.

  • DIY Demolition
  • Plumbing
  • Supplies
  • Financing

DIY Demolition

Even if you decide to hire a contractor, a great way to save money is to do the demolition yourself. This means getting things ready for the contractor, so they can come in and get to work right away. 

They’ll work fewer hours, which means less labor you will have to pay for. Take out the tub, the tile, and anything else that won’t be part of the new shower.


Whether you hire a contractor or do it yourself, leaving the plumbing intact is an excellent way to save money. You’ll save on both the additional materials required to make any changes as well as the labor to do it.

If you plan to relocate the shower, now may be a good time to do it. However, this goes beyond a shower conversion and doing that will significantly increase your spending. If your priority is to stay within budget, the less plumbing you mess with, the better.

Remember! When cutting through walls, your old tub, or anything else that needs to go, make sure you keep in mind to avoid cutting too deep. You don’t want to cut any water lines, floor joists, or anything else that could create a giant headache instead of happy progress.


Proactively planning for materials and supplies will save you money by avoiding:

  • Future order issues
  • Frustrating schedule setbacks
  • Paying for the wrong product

Worst case scenario? The contractor starts renovation, then has to stop midway because of a product shortage. This could lead to you waiting weeks without a functional shower. Believe it or not, this does happen, and with supply chain challenges affecting North America it’s becoming an increasingly  frequent situation.

Organization in ordering allows you to know the exact cost of all materials before you start. This helps you stay on budget and ensures you have everything on hand before you start.

Wants vs. Needs

If you are really looking to do a shower conversion on a budget, it’s vital that you take a hard look at wants versus needs. Of course, you want your dream shower! But that may not be in the cards right now based on the higher prices of luxury materials or the added costs of big changes mid-project.

Figure out what are must-haves and what can wait until a future date. Here are a few ways you may be able to scale back now while setting yourself up for the bathroom you want long-term:

  • Use a shower curtain instead of a door
  • Skip the fancy fixtures
  • Portable shower chair instead of a built-in bench
  • Stick with your non-detachable shower head


Fortunately, a lot of companies and contractors have financing options to help you get started on your tub to shower conversion. When budgeting is your concern, Five Star Bath Solutions offers the best of both worlds—high-quality installation and top-of-the-line products at an affordable price. Our SmartPay financing options make this possible. 

We have a shower for every bathroom that fits every budget.

Saving time and money on your shower conversion project is achievable with a few key strategies: 

  1. Consider DIY demolition to prepare the space for the contractor, reducing labor costs. 
  2. Keep the plumbing intact whenever possible so you can save on materials and labor expenses. 
  3. Proactively plan for supplies and materials to help avoid order issues and delays, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective process. 

Differentiating between wants and needs allows you to prioritize essential elements while keeping costs in check. Making choices like:

  • Using a shower curtain instead of a door
  • Opting for simpler fixtures
  • Using a portable shower chair instead of a built-in bench can help stay within budget. 

Additionally, exploring financing options offered by companies like Five Star Bath Solutions can provide affordable ways to start your tub-to-shower conversion while ensuring high-quality installation and top-of-the-line products.  With careful planning and smart decisions, you can successfully complete your project without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.