How to Clean Gold Faucets: Maintaining Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures

Knowing how to clean gold faucets and keep them looking like new can be a lesson learned a little too late if you don’t do your research before you breakout the cleaning supplies and start scrubbing. This cleaning guide will take you through a safe and simple process to maintain your golden bathroom fixtures.

Gold bathroom faucets and other plumbing fixtures are a bold and beautiful statement. However, if not taken care of properly that beautiful golden bathroom fixture can become corroded over time. The sad truth of these fixtures is that they are not as durable as the stainless steel models. Spraying gold plated fixtures with the usual bathroom chemicals will eat at the finish and decay and corrosion will begin, leaving your fixtures looking deteriorated and unkempt.

Doubtless, if you designed your bathroom with golden fixtures, corrosion is not going to look good with the rest of the room. Here are some alternative cleaning ideas to keep your keep your gold faucets gleaming like new.

The Solution

One part white vinegar and three parts water is a simple and gentle cleaning solution for gold bathroom faucets and other fixtures. For those of you who don’t know what one part vinegar to three parts water means, mix one cup vinegar with three cups water in a bowl or spray bottle. If you need more or less solution for your cleaning project then do the math to double, triple or half the recipe according to your needs.

How to Clean Gold Faucets: Maintaining and Cleaning Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures Images

Cleaning gold faucets properly will keep them looking like new.

The Process

With this solution take a soft cloth and dip it in the solution and put the now wet cloth over the fixture and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Next, wipe it clean with the damp cloth. Do not use a scrubbing device of any kind or you may damage the plating. Hopefully the faucet hasn’t been allowed to get dirty enough that it requires more cleaning after this point, but if it does need more attention repeat the soaking and wiping process until the fixture is clean. When the fixture is free of residue, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and buff with a clean, dry cloth until all water is removed and the fixture is gleaming and bright.

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Keep a stack of clean towels to wipe down the faucet after use.

Keep It Up!

If you wash these fixtures at least once a week the process of cleaning them will be easier because scum and hard water are not allowed to build up. Vinegar is not a fast acting cleaner, but it doesn’t damage surfaces either and that’s what we are going for here, clean and damage free. Stay on top of the cleaning in this case and you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the next round.

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Cleaning gold faucets regularly will keep cleaning from being a time consuming process.

No Chemicals

Do not use harsh chemicals on your gold plated bathroom fixtures and do not apply any rough scrubbing tools or you will damage the gold plated surfaces of your faucets. Please note that ammonia is included in the list of harsh chemical as is bleach.

Faucet Finish

If you don’t yet have, but are considering getting gold faucets and are having second thoughts, here is some solid information about faucet finishes, their durability and how to choose the best one for your bathroom design.

How to Clean Gold Faucets: Maintaining and Cleaning Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures Image

Consider the special attention a gold finish requires before installing gold plumbing fixtures, you may decide the upkeep is not worth it to you.

Clean and Dry

If your elegant bathroom requires a golden gleam then a go for gold plated faucets and keep a supply of clean towels handy to help keep your fancy fixtures looking fine. Use these towels to keep these faucets dry by buffing them with one after each use.  Store the vinegar solution in a spray bottle under the sink, and cleaning your gold faucet once a week will be that much easier. Do this and your golden bathroom fixtures will stay looking beautiful and new for years to come.

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