Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

Home is your refuge, castle, and place for life’s important memories. Your home should reflect a safe, peaceful, happy space in which you feel the utmost comfortability; and exemplifies your own personality and brand. 

The great news is home options and designs can be arranged to facilitate a healthy mood and sense of well-being.

You deserve a happy home. While it is easy to look for ideas online and go with the most popular decorations and furnishings, getting the memorable space you want comes from within. 

Focus on your own personal tastes, story, space, texture, colors, lighting, and decor. 

Let the light in!

Did you know that light can impact the intensity of your emotions? Sunny days and brighter light can supply the soul with a greater sense of happiness and optimism. 

Finding your balance of artificial and natural light is important. Letting as much natural light come through it is an important element of generating a vibrant and lively mood. 

This can be done by including the addition of windows and skylights.

Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

Equally essential is the placement of indoor lighting. It is a valuable rule of thumb to use two to three light sources per room. General lighting can be constructed with an overhead light, while a directional lamp can be used for task lighting. To establish a sense of ambient lighting, decorative lamps can be used. 

Darker lighting can often set a drearier mood just as rainy or cloudy days do. Using a combination of artificial and natural lighting together is what can mix up the right mood!

Best Paint Colors for the Best of Feelings!

Perhaps one of the best methods for creating a mood is the use of paint colors. The walls of your home can certainly set a certain tone and mood. It is important to know which colors create which vibes in your space and what mood you’d like to invite in for yourself. 

Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

Studies show that certain colors impact specific moods and can create a sense of well-being, motivation, creativity, and relaxation. 

To create a soothing or relaxing feeling, shades of blue, green, or gray can be consoling and serene. For a more spirited, lively, and energetic atmosphere, consider pinks, yellows, and oranges. White can give you a neutral and medium feel of cleanliness and freshness.  White brings out the reflection of light and feeds openness and the creation of a more spacious look. 

Knowing which invigorating feeling you’d like to focus on is important. If you find yourself still confused after exploring a color palette, consider a consultation with a designer. It’s worth spending the money to find the colors that will best fit your sense of spirit and health. 

Make it Sentimental!

There’s nothing better than coming into your home and feeling a true sense of self and connection.  A home should be a safe sanctuary full of memories with loved ones and positive-energy. Your home is a place where you can relax, be yourself, and rejuvenate. Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

One of the best things you can utilize in your home design is sentimentality. Simply said, you want to find decorations, colors, and furnishings that reflect connection and personalization. 

If butterflies make you feel cheery, incorporate them into the subtleties of your space. If clouds or birds make you feel free and alive, find wall art or other decorations that have these things on them. 

Connecting with what you love will instill within you a sense of happiness. Looking at these items on a daily basis will be an incredible mood-booster and instant element of positivity! 

Create Space for Happiness!

A strategic use of your space and design will lead you to a greater sense of well-being. Studies have linked the creation of a sense of space with openness and a reduced perception of worry and stress. 

There are several great ways of achieving space.  Look around you and take inventory of your belongings. Is there clutter around your home? Are there things you haven’t used or looked at for years? Get rid of anything that exaggerates scatteredness or chaos, things you don’t need. 

By freeing up space, you create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness that contributes to being happy. Creating space helps promote your mood and alleviates a feeling of being closed off.  Arrange furniture in an open manner and in a way that maximizes the size of the room you are in. Use intention when choosing attractive decorations. Replace storage containers with more appealing alternatives. 

Interior Design Tips for a Happy Home

Take some time to think about each object in your space.  Make sure whatever you choose brings you a sense of inspiration and serenity. 

Know that investing this time into your home is valuable to the overall impact and uplift of yourself and mood. When you hold a piece in your hand, notice the feeling the item gives you. If you don’t feel a sense of sentimentality or joy from the object, chances are, you’d feel better off without it or by choosing an alternative that you feel more connected with.