Walk-In Tubs

Jacksonville Walk-In Tub Installers


Are you planning to get your bathroom renovated?

If yes, look no further than Five Star Bath Solutions of Jacksonville because we promise to bring your dream bathroom to reality with easy solutions for your every need!

Five Star Bath Solutions is the best bathroom renovation company in the region that aims to become the premier company in the home remodeling industry.

If you are more of a “long, relaxing bath” kind of a person, but you experience difficulty in getting in and out of your tub, how about switching to a walk-in tub?

Five Star Bath Solutions of Jacksonville brings you super safe and convenient walk-in bathtubs that allow you to simply step into your tub without any problem. You no longer have to lower yourself down and put yourself at risk of slipping or falling while in the shower.

Our walk-in tubs offer the following safety features:

Easy-to-Open Doors


One of the best features of walk-in tubs from Five Star Bath Solutions is that they come with doors that are easy to open to make it simple and fast for you to get in and out of the tub.

Those who deal with arthritis or joint pain will find our doors super safe and convenient to use!

Sturdy Shower Seats

One of the biggest health hazards in a bathroom is wet and slippery floors, which makes standing in showers super risky. With our super sturdy shower seats, you can minimize the risk of slipping and falling and can perfectly enjoy taking long baths in our walk-in bathtubs that feature a relaxing and comfortable environment. 


One thing that many people often struggle with in terms of shower systems has to do with their dominant hand. However, regardless of whether you use your left or right hand, Five Star Bath Solutions of Jacksonville offers ambidextrous solutions that prevent you from any kind of movement-related struggles!