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Five Star Shower to Tub Conversion
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Kennesaw Shower to Tub Conversions

shower-to-tub-conversionA shower wall is all well and good, but few things can beat the ultimate feeling of relaxation and luxury when you soak into a new bathtub. What better way to soak away the day’s stress? We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw offer high-quality acrylic bathtubs that are built as per the exact measurements of the bathroom. We can say with pride that our walk-in tubs, as well as conventional bathtubs, are very beautiful and highly functional. Apart from that, they have been crafted with state-of-the-art technology to enhance their durability and sturdiness. This is why our bathtubs can rightly be counted amongst the very best bathroom products available today.

In fact, once you decide to get a wall to bathtub conversion from Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw, you can rest assured that you will get both beauty and functionality rolled into the same package. This is because our aesthetically appealing walk-in tubs and bathtubs are sure to last a lifetime.

Quality Guaranteed

We use cutting edge technology to create absolutely amazing bathtubs that will easily and conveniently fit into any conventional bathroom. We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw have the experience, the training, and the expertise to convert your old, faded, and obsolete bathroom shower wall surround into a stylish and luxurious bathtub. Best of all, we would like to assure you that we will start and finish our work in as little as only one day.

We will even clean up the bathroom once we are done with the refurbishment so that it will be possible for you to enjoy your brand new bathroom, the very minute we are done with our work.

Since our shower to bathtub conversions don’t involve any sort of extensive demolition, we can get the job done at a much lesser cost than most other bathroom contractors out there. Apart from that, the total conversion cost will also be less than what you might expect to pay if you were to demolish and rebuild from the ground up.

Fast and Convenient Conversion

shower-to-tub-conversionWe are not only super-fast but also offer a whole new world of convenience for your bathing pleasure. Once the installation is complete, you won’t have to clean all those dirty shower walls and grout lines. Our custom made acrylic bathtubs require minimal maintenance, and cleaning them is an absolute breeze, thanks to the advanced technology.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw regular and walk-in bathtubs have been made with built-in anti-microbial protection. This amazing technology actively works to inhibit mildew, mold, and other microbial agents from creating a foul-smelling and dirty bathtub or any other fixture. Once you purchase a Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw bathtub, you will be able to enjoy a lifetime of safety and durability.

Enhanced Functionality and Safety Features

Very few people are really aware of the inherent dangers of stepping into a soaking wet shower stall. Both young and old alike, are vulnerable to accidents in case of slipping and falling on the wet floor. However, a bathtub is a much more convenient and easy solution to this issue. This way, you won’t have to put your life or your loved ones in danger every morning and evening, or whenever they step into the shower stall.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our shower to tub conversion systems have been created to achieve maximum safety without sacrificing functionality. And what is more, your conversion sets are now available in a wide assortment of original styles that you won’t find in the usual bathtub catalogs.

All of our shower to bathtub conversions are fully customizable so that they will seamlessly fit your bathroom without leaving any visible traces of the old shower wall. We always stand by our products and also offer a limited lifetime warranty on our shower to bathtub conversions. We believe in creating lifelong satisfaction by simply making a sale.

If you want to get rid of your old shower wall and get a brand new bathtub, get in touch with Five Star Bath Solutions of Kennesaw at (770) 282-9659 today!


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