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Bathroom Remodelers

Do you live in the King County area? Do you think your bathroom could use an update? Are you bored of the color of your tiles, or the rust on your fixtures?

Before you break out your toolkit, why don’t you hear us out first? Emergency plumbers tend to charge a lot, and when you’re working with pipes there’s a lot that could go wrong.

Five Star Bath Solutions offers some of the best bathroom restructuring and remodeling solutions in King County. We work quickly, efficiently, and effectively to ensure the delivery of great service at rates that don’t leave you bleeding through your bank account.

But that’s what our competitors would say too. So what really makes us the best?

Top of the Line Products at Great Prices

We understand how big of a concern costs are when it comes to renovation projects. A new bathroom can set you back thousands of dollars. While nearly all companies in the business claim to be competitive with their rates, getting quotes from multiple vendors quickly dispels this myth. And if you do find vendors that don’t run you a ransom, chances are their quality will be subpar. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is…

…Except at Five Star Bath Solutions of King County.

Our procurement department is staffed by some of the brightest minds in the business. Given our commitment to providing quality products, these professionals work around the clock to find the best suppliers. But finding quality products is only half the task; the rest involves talking their prices down from the standard rates.

Extensive Customization Options


People like spaces that compliment and exalt their personality. In extreme cases, this can prove to be the difference between a space feeling like a palace or a prison.

We enjoy designing and crafting cozy, personalized spaces for our patrons. On the back of some strong procurement practices we’re able to provide an extensive catalog of products and services to our clients. This catalog includes, but is not limited to:

●       Whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis

●       Walk-in tubs

●       Personalized glass shower doors

●       Touch-sensitive mirrors

●       Cultured marble bathroom baseboards

●       Customized vanity tops

●       Bathtub and shower surrounds

●       Shower conversions

And the list goes on. When it comes to bathrooms, you name it, we have it. But the proof is in the pudding; to look through a selection of the bathrooms we’ve completed, take a look at our gallery.

Quick, Effective Installations

The other factor that helps keep our services affordable is our streamlined process. Since bathroom remodeling is all we do, we are laser-focused on giving you the best service. We came up with a remodeling technique that will save you time and money. We make use of cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Our construction team works diligently to ensure our customers don’t lose access to their bathrooms for longer than is necessary. Quick, efficient work means we complete more tasks in the average workday, which also means we charge you less.