Walk-In Tubs

King County Walk-In Tub Installers


Walk-in tubs are a great alternative to conventional tubs that are easier to get into and out of. More luxurious and functional than the regular bathtub, walk-in tubs are gradually becoming more and more popular as a staple of bathrooms across the country.

At this point, you might find yourself wondering what the benefits of walk-in tubs really are. We’re here to explain.

1.  They’re senior-friendly

Walk-in tubs are a real hit amongst the elderly. More and more senior homeowners prefer them to conventional tubs because of the fact that they’re usually more spacious, and easier to maneuver into and out of. With a walk-in, getting into the tub is literally as easy as just walking in, and this can be quite a desirable feature to someone with joint pain.

2.      They’re therapeutic

Most walk-in tubs come with hydrotherapy jets that let you experience the soothing sensation of water being lightly propelled at your skin while sitting in the comfort of your own home. While this may feel like a gimmick to most people, proponents of the feature are quick to point out the fact that they do help them feel more relaxed.

3.      They’re a viable investment


We already mentioned that walk-in tubs are popular with seniors. What we didn’t mention was the fact that this popularity is enough of a factor to where it actually affects the resale of your home. Realtors are starting to see tubs as a marketable feature, especially in areas where a reasonable portion of the population is the elderly.

4.      They’re great for people with limited mobility

For people with special needs, regular tubs might prove too difficult to get into, or out of, and a shower might not be viable because it requires them to stand. In such situations, a walk-in tub might offer the only feasible solution.

Aside from all these factors, walk-in tubs are also generally more fun. They afford people a luxurious bathing experience, all the while being more functional than the average bathtub. If you’re convinced that walk-in tubs are something you’d want in your bathroom, get in touch. We’ll provide you a quote, and installation usually doesn’t take more than one day. Act now and you could be bathing like royalty by the end of the week.