Bathroom Remodeling

Lafayette Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


Only someone who has in-depth knowledge about remodeling can successfully complete a bathroom remodeling project. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Lafayette, we have a team full of trained professionals who know how to get the job done. 

We specialize in remodeling bathrooms without the hassle. Our remodelers will first remove your old fixtures and materials and replace them with our outclass products, giving your bathroom the luxurious look it needs. Our products are available in a wide range of options and colors. 

Here are some steps that show how we work on bathroom remodeling projects: 

Talk To A Consultant

Before you work on your bathroom remodeling project, you first need to understand how it works. Our top-notch consultants will help you in understanding everything. 

Our consultant will also discuss all the costs associated with the project so you can get everything under a reasonable budget. 

Precise Measurements


We want all the products to fit in your bathroom with perfection; that's why our estimators will first take accurate measurements of your bathroom before they conclude the visit. 

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lafayette doesn't believe in one size fits all logic; we want all our customers to be able to get their dream bathroom. We design our products to fill your bathroom requirements. 

Trusty Installation

You can always trust Five Star Bath Solutions' top-class installers to do the job right in your bathroom remodeling project. We ensure you get the best results by making all our installers undergo extensive training. 

Our experts try to complete the job quickly. Often, we can complete the job within 24 hours without compromising on the quality. 

Book Your Free Consultation Today

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lafayette is undoubtedly the best bathroom remodeling company in the entire industry. To stay at the top, we do our best to satisfy customers. Book your free consultation in the comfort of your home today by calling us at (337) 329-9641.