Bathroom Remodeling

Lansing Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


Are you looking for an ideal remodeling solution? Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing will make all your dreams come true. We have been providing amazing bathroom remodeling solutions in Lansing for several years, and you will never go wrong with one of our makeover projects. Here are some amazing advantages of our services:

Ideal One-Day Solution

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing offers great bathroom remodeling solutions. Our experts talk to you to understand your requirements and then carry out a swift project within a single day. Our customers love these quick yet detailed solutions and are always recommending our services to other families and companies.

The creation of a right bathroom requires the use of innovative designing and strong adherence to industry practices. Our experts are skilled at both. This essentially ensures that we deliver on our promise. This means that we carry out complete renovations within a single working day for most projects.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing is an amazing renovation service provider. We prepare your home in a 24-hour turnaround time. This allows you to start living normally in your house without any interruption. However, we also guarantee that we do not leave anything incomplete when we perform bathroom remodeling in Lansing.

Great Services

We offer services that follow the best remodeling practices. We improve your bathroom on many accounts. We always work out solutions that stay within the allocated budget. We discuss issues before they appear with our clients. Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing offers the following benefits:

  • Expert installations
  • Discounts
  • Durable building materials
  • Access to multiple options

Premier Bathroom Remodeling

Looking for the premier bathroom remodeling? Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing certainly has the right answers. We have scores of happy customers who are living in much-improved homes. Our expert professionals take exceptional designs and add great functionality to your existing bathrooms.

Our remodeling efforts are customer-focused and we deliver all possible options to our clients. Once they are happy with the design and pick out their favorite fixtures, only then we quickly implement the plan to provide top notch bathroom remodeling in Lansing.

Balanced Remodeling


Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing always keeps your interests ahead of its profits. We make sure to increase the efficiency of your bathrooms. Each of our projects is meant to improve what you have in your home. This means that all our solutions are standardized and catered to all the demands of our customers.

Our designers understand your needs and create efficient, cost-effective and efficient bathroom projects. We also provide access to the top bathroom accessories through our trusted partners. Our professional installers always suggest the best products that go well with the design of your bathroom remodeling.

Household Name in Lansing

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing is a well-known name in Michigan. We are the top experts in the field and have a number of happy customers in the city. We have a record of successful projects, which has allowed us to become a household name in Lansing.

Creating an identity is easy. Performing on a consistent basis is difficult. We have a dedicated team of professionals who believe that they have to live up to their reputation. This allows them to perform well and make every customer happy.

Our brand is growing strong in Lansing and we plan to keep up with the same pace of progress by offering ideal bathroom remodeling services. Our team of experts makes sure that we live up to our unique household identity.

The True Makeovers

Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing performs true makeovers on your bathrooms. We believe that every project is important and we show it through our performance. You can contact us for any task that you require for improving your bathroom. Each task enables us to make a positive impact in your life.

Free Consultation

Our expert will visit your home and give you an ideal estimate upfront. This will allow you to arrange the required budget and carry out the project without any hurdles. Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Lansing at (517) 816-9237 and enjoy the highest quality remodeling in Lansing!