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    Oakland County Walk-In Tub Installers


    A substantial number of slip and trip accidents occur in the bathrooms, especially if senior adults reside in your home. Studies have shown that an unsafe bathroom can be dangerous for seniors. Therefore, renovation isn’t only about form and function; evaluating its safety for your family and guests is also necessary. We at Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakland County take our clients’ safety seriously. To build safe bathrooms, we provide you with the opportunity to have your own walk-in tub.

    Walk-in bathtubs allow you to simply step into your tub instead of trying to lower yourself down or risking slipping or falling while in the shower.

    All of our walk-in tubs come with the following safety features:

    Shower Seats

    If the floor is slippery and wet, standing in showers can be a safety hazard. With shower seats, you can minimize this risk and enjoy taking baths in a more relaxing and comfortable environment. 

    Easy Open Doors


    All walk-in tubs from Five Star Bath Solutions of Oakland County come with an easy open door that makes it simple and fast for you to get in and out of your shower.

    If you deal with arthritis or joint pain, then a walk-in tub with our easy open doors is the choice for you.

    Low-Threshold Shower Bars

    Do you love to shower? Our low-threshold shower bars create a safe space in your bathroom, decreasing the likelihood of any fall.

    Ambidextrous Options

    Whether your right hand is dominant or the left one is used more, we provide ambidextrous options, so our clients aren’t at a disadvantage.

    By now, you already know that our bathrooms provide an excellent bathing environment, which protects your family members from harm’s way. 

    End the pain that comes with showering in your normal shower and upgrade to a beautiful and safe walk-in tub from Five Star Bath Solutions.

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