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Power of the Shower: Fashion Edition

It’s official: 2023 is the year of the shower! Pinterest has predicted that elevated shower routines will take the world by storm this year. Already, searches like “shower routine aesthetic” and “amazing showers walk-in” are trending big. 

Bathroom Renovation by Five Star Bath Solutions

This is your sign to remodel, redecorate, and update the bathroom for your own spa paradise.

The first step is knowing what you want, as well as the best designs and trends for the perfect bathroom. We all know design trends change and evolve over time. So, we’ve gathered the top five shower design trends for shower doors, hardware, colors, and aesthetics. 

1. Industrial-Style Hardware

One of this year’s new trends is industrial-style hardware. This goes beyond small fixtures. The industrial style has taken over larger elements of the bathroom, like vanities and doors, as well. It’s even going as far as exposed pipework to fully commit to the look. 

Industrial Style Hardware

The industrial style is bold and exciting, with an eclectic feel. It’s perfect for framed shower doors (which are the most common style of shower doors). These are glass panels framed by metal that attach the door to the wall or the floor. 

However, industrial-style doors go further to emphasize the contrast of the glass and metal by using a matte black finish. Rather than attempting to hide or minimize the frame, industrial doors aren’t afraid to cover the edges in thick metal pieces. 

We’re also seeing a rise in industrial panel shower doors, which add a steel grid to make the door look like a building window.

Additionally, bi-fold and tri-fold shower doors can be transformed to fit this specific style. Framed doors are cost-effective and easy to install, but they often detract from the sleek glass. With the industrial aesthetic, the metal itself becomes a design focal point that looks high-end and expensive.

2. Nature-Inspired Tones

This year, bathroom color schemes and designs are moving away from the stark white of minimalism. Shades and hues inspired by nature are on the rise. 

Nature Inspired Tones

For warmer colors, look for earthy tones like terracotta, dusty brown, ochre, and clay. Seaside colors like light, pale blue and seafoam green offer a soothing energy that is cheerful, yet subdued. Olive green and delicious peach act as the color wheel outliers trending this season.

However, if you’re still a fan of a blank white backdrop, sandy beige and creamy ivory hues provide the same empty canvas effect. Warmer, off-white colors follow the natural trends while keeping to a classic neutral palette.

3. Seamless Glass Showers

In contrast to the big black frames of industrial-style doors, frameless doors and seamless glass showers are the exact opposite. These doors have no metal framing and are made almost entirely of glass. 

Seamless Glass Showers

Any use of metal is minimal and is usually limited to door hinges or a small track. The metal finishes are carefully designed to prevent drawing any attention away from the dazzling glass.

Seamless glass showers are what you need if you’re looking for an open, light-filled bathroom. The clear glass ensures the shower remains well-lit, whether from natural sunlight or light fixtures. The simple elegance instantly elevates the entire space while making it look large and comfortable.

Additionally, the translucence and transparency of the glass allow a frameless shower to act as a chameleon, blending with different styles and materials, including: 

  • Traditional, modern, minimal, and contemporary
  • Stone, tile, vinyl, and laminate
  • Neutral or colorful

A clean glass shower will fit whatever aesthetic you prefer. And it can evolve with you over the years.

4. Glossy Surfaces

Shiny, polished materials are making an appearance in this year’s trending styles, from floors to countertops and doors to vanities. Glossy surfaces reflect the light already in your bathroom, making it seem bigger and brighter than it is. It’s the ultimate small space hack, so it’s perfect for bathrooms with a limited area.

Glossy Surfaces

Mirrored surfaces can be applied to every part of the bathroom. Glossy shower panels are a fantastic option to include in your bathroom remodel. Make sure to add a big mirror (or multiple), as well as the right shower door.

Any type of shower door will work—all you need is a flat surface and a shining light. Sliding, hinge, and bi-fold doors align best with the style, all of which are easy to install. 

However, stay away from hammered, dimpled, frosted, or patterned glass to make the most of this light-reflecting trend.

5. Steam Showers

Last, but certainly not least, we have steam showers for that truly spa-like feel. Steam showers are excellent for optimizing your bathroom space and turning your shower into your own personal relaxation escape. Plus, there are countless health benefits to steam rooms and showers:

  • Clear congestion 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve circulation 
  • Boost skin health

Say hello to your elevated shower routine!

Steam Showers

Steam doors open and close like a standard pivot or hinge door, but they are specifically designed with airtight seals to lock in water and steam. If you aren’t looking to redo your entire bathroom, investing in a steam shower door is an effective and efficient way to get a much-needed update.

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Redecorating, remodeling, or renewing your shower can be the best thing you ever do for your bathroom. Turn it from basic to luxurious with one of these trends. 

And Five Star Bath Solutions is here to help! Our modern materials are affordable, stylish, and long-lasting. All our projects come with a lifetime warranty, and our team of professionals provide quick and quality work for your best bathroom.

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