From natural elements to splashes of turquoise, perfect your powder room with the latest trends in bathroom design.

By Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil

Naturally Pretty

This year, eco-friendly is eco-pretty! The latest take on green design not only embraces Mother Earth, but also celebrates her beauty. To embrace this fresh style, start with organic cotton towels featuring birds and botanicals. Fill glass canisters with dried flowers, such as lavender and rosebuds. Then skip the overhead light and instead illuminate the room with an elegant, energy-saving table lamp.

Water Color

Turquoise is the color of the year. This calming hue takes you to the warm waters of a tropical paradise, making it a natural for the bath. To get a taste of turquoise, treat your loo like your wardrobe and accessorize. Splash this vibrant blue here and there with sumptuous towels and throw pillows. Then fill up your tub and escape in this gorgeous hue.

Silver Streak

Brushed-nickel fixtures add a clean, reflective quality to the bath without the chill of polished chrome. If your budget doesn’t call for new faucets, you can still get the same effect with nickel accessories. For even more sparkle, bring in unique glass accents like a flared, rectangular vase and silhouetted candlesticks.

Earth, Wind and Fire

The days of stark, cold bathrooms are over. To create instant warmth, choose the gem tones of the elements: ocean blues, lush greens and sunset oranges. Blend your earthy palette with smooth dark wood and the mottled textures of hand-dipped candles for a room that is both comforting and luxurious, and miles away from ultra-modern.

Global Touch

The global trend evolves with authentic details that feel more like treasures than trinkets. A handmade straw basket and strands of colorful glass beads are down-to-earth touches. Seek out everyday objects like cast-iron cowbells that are both rustic and refined.

New Traditional

Traditional is back! The new contemporary is a tried-and-true decor that achieves back-to-basics comfort in a sophisticated style. To get the look, decorate with classic materials like ceramic, leather and bronze. Mix them with rich colors like burgundy and spruce on a backdrop of favorite neutrals like ivory and walnut.

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