Walk-In Tubs

San Antonio Walk-In Tub Installers


Another special solution that Five Star Bath Solutions of San Antonio offers is replacing your existing bathtub with a walk-in tub. Whether you are aging, physically challenged, or live with elderly loved ones, a walk-in tub is a must-have in your bathroom. It can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falls in the bathroom and associated problems, such as ER visits, fractures, spinal disc dislocation and more.

If you plan to replace your tub with a walk-in tub, you can rest assured that you will get the safest and best quality products with exceptional service only at Five Star Bath Solutions. Here is what makes us the best choice for walk-in tub installation.

Shower Seats

With a shower seat in our walk-in tubs, you can stay seated safely as you bath. When you are settled in a certain position, this can reduce the risk of slipping into the tub and getting injured. And while seats add to the safety aspect, they also make the entire shower experience comfortable for the elderly and physically challenged individuals.

Easy to Open Doors

The safety doors that are a prominent feature of our walk-in tubs are super easy to operate. They can open and close securely and conveniently with minimal effort.

Low Threshold Shower Bars


Low threshold shower bars offer better support and more safety as you shower. Whether you are settling into your seat or standing up, the shower bars are there for support.

We’ve done our research to find the best spots for these shower bars. We often hear complaints of how they are in hard to reach spots or they are too high or too low, and cause further pain and discomfort. At Five Star bath Solutions, we’ve figured out where is most comfortable and helpful for you.

Safety for All

Whether your right hand is dominant or you use your left hand often, at Five Star Bath Solutions of San Antonio, we ensure that all of our customers get what they need. With ambidextrous safety options, we strive to take care of all of your needs in the best possible way.