Bathroom Remodeling

San Antonio Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


It's only natural to feel overwhelmed if you are getting your bathroom remodeled for the first time. Bathroom remodeling is a major home renovation project that requires a lot of investment in terms of time, efforts and money. So it is surely something that you can't afford to get done poorly. To help you get through the process of bathroom remodeling smoothly, here is how to get started with the project.

Get Connected with an Experienced Consultant

Perhaps, the most important aspect of bathroom remodeling is getting connected with an experienced consultant. When you get in touch with a professional, make sure you clearly express what you really want in your dream bathroom. From the flooring to tiles and sanitary, don't forget to share all the ideas and details with them. It is best not to leave any details for later meetings, so your consultant has a clear picture of all your bathroom remodeling requirements.

At Five Star Bath Solutions of San Antonio, we offer free-home consultation for our valued customers so you can discuss all your ideas right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, home consultation saves time as our consultants can evaluate your bathroom and discuss the best possible solution, considering your space limitations.

Measure Your Bathroom

The next most important thing to do before getting started with your bathroom remodeling project is to measure your bathroom accurately. You can go for a DIY bathroom measurement or have your consultant do it for you. Again, we recommend the latter option, so there is no discrepancy in material procurement and products we choose for your bathroom remodeling project.

At Five Star Bath Solutions, we ensure that we get a precise measurement of your bathroom right when our consultant comes for the home visit. We ensure accurate measurements so you can get the bathroom you desire without any hassle.

Expect Best Service


Now that you have finalized the details of what you want in your bathroom, now is the time to expect the best service from your professional bathroom remodeling company. Make sure they choose the best quality products that can serve you for years. After all, bathroom remodeling is not something you undertake often.

However, it is equally important that the top installers install the best quality products. Because even the top-notch products can fail in untrained and unskilled hands.

At Five Star Bath Solutions of San Antonio, we not only choose the top quality product for your bathroom, but we also hire top installers who can give the perfect finish to your bathroom. Moreover, we put in extra hours training our professionals so they can serve you only the best. After all, this is all about your bathroom remodeling, so we ensure that you get the service you deserve by providing you with the quality you can trust.

Know the Final Bathroom Remodeling Schedule

Bathroom remodeling can be an extensive home renovation project. Depending upon the extent of the renovation, bathroom remodeling usually takes a few days but can also take up to a week or longer. Before you get started with your bathroom remodeling project and give the final go-ahead to your bathroom remodeling contractor, it is best to know the expected bathroom remodeling schedule. While certain delays are inevitable, knowing the expected bathroom remodeling schedule will give you a good idea of how long it will take to transform your existing bathroom into your dream bathroom. 

When you choose Five Star Bath Solutions, you can rest assured that you have opted for the most customer-oriented services in the San Antonio area. We are one of the very few bathroom remodeling professionals that provide free in-home consultations. Moreover, we choose the finest materials and work with top professionals to give you the best service. To find out more about what we do and how to call us now at (210) 796-59820 or book your own appointment.