Walk-In Tubs

Sarasota-Bradenton Walk-In Tub Installers


The bathroom is one of the most important — even perhaps, the most important — room in your home. It is the place where your day begins and the last room you visit before going to bed. So it is not surprising if you want your bathroom to look good and to have a refreshing experience in it.

Five Star Bath Solutions of Sarasota-Bradenton offers you the right services to make your bathrooms beautiful and to reflect your personality. We promise you an Instagram-worthy bathroom where you would not be embarrassed to take your guests and where you would be proud to take photos.

If you love taking a relaxing bath at the end of the day but have difficulty in climbing in and out of the bathtub, we can offer you walk-in tubs in Sarasota-Bradenton. With walk-in tubs, you have the best of both worlds; the comfort of a bathtub and the convenience of a shower.

Additionally, our walk-in tubs may also be fitted with water jets to help soothe tired muscles as well as a number of safety features so that you can have peace of mind while you are relaxing in the bathroom.

Offer High Value for Seniors and People With Mobility Issues

The major advantage of walk-in tubs is that you do not need to heave your body up and over to climb into the bathtub. All you need to do is to open the door and walk into the bathtub, just as you walk into a shower enclosure.

Walk-in tubs offer a low-entry threshold and a non-slip flooring which prevents you from slipping and having an accident. Walk-in tubs can also be equipped with safety seats and joint-friendly faucets and provide the elders in your home with a safe bathing solution.

Waterproof Doors

Five Star Bath Solutions of Sarasota-Bradenton offers walk-in tubs that are equipped with a waterproof door on the wall so that you can easily enter the bathtub and turn on the taps. The door is equipped with a secure latching system that prevents water from escaping the bathtub. You can get the water as high as you want and never fear that the water will leak out of the door and flood your bathroom.

Combines Luxury and Convenience


Walk-in tubs are not just simple bath tubs. They can be fitted with a lot of add-ons that can elevate your bathing experience as well as make it easy to maintain and clean the tub. Some special features include:

  • Hydrotherapy via high-pressure water jets
  • Arthritis-friendly faucets and door handles
  • Waterproof door with a secure latch system
  • Comfortable in-built seat
  • Hand-held shower for a two-in-one experience
  • Ambidextrous options for showering
  • Quick draining option prevents standing water, mold formation

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