Wall Surrounds

Temple Tub and Shower Wall Systems


At Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple, you can get some of the best wall surround options available on the market. All the wall surrounds that we use for our valued customers are purposefully designed to keep your walls safe from all the things that can damage your shower, including molds and other associated water damage. The following are some of the distinguishing features of the wall surrounds we use:


The wall surrounds you get from Five Star Bath Solutions are not only stylish and give a luxurious look to your bathroom, but they are also water-proof. We never forget that the true purpose of a wall surround is to protect your shower area from water damage. By installing a water-proof wall surround that is also eye-catching, you can kill two birds with a single stone. Your bathroom gets a complete makeover while your shower remains safe from water damage, mold, and bacterial growth.



The wall surrounds that you get from Five Star Bath Solutions come with an additional protective sealed coating that keeps water from seeping into your walls and flooring so your bathroom gets extra protection against structural damage due to water.

Moreover, the wall surrounds that we use for your bathroom remodeling project are also sealed in all the corners and edges, so you get a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience every single time.

Warranty Covered

All wall surrounds installed by Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple come with a warranty. By covering them with a warranty, you’re assured that you are getting the best product at the best price that will last for years to come.

Installed By Experienced Professionals

What differentiates Five Star Bath Solutions from the rest is our top-tier technicians who know how to specifically install any product in your bathroom using advanced tools. With this distinctive edge over the competitors, you can be sure that you are getting taken care of.

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