Walk-In Shower: Should You Make the Change?

A walk-in shower can be a walk in heaven after a long, stressful day of work. When correctly installed in your home, walk-in showers can offer easy accessibility without downgrading the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. In fact, modern walk-in showers can be incorporated with your home design to implement a comprehensive look in your home.

Despite all the above, planning and installation of walk-in showers is easier said than done. You have to consider the area you are working on and how it will affect the look of your bathroom, which in many homes, is considered ideal for relaxation with some privacy. Let us overview some of the pros and cons of walk-in showers.


Accessibility – The ease of access offered by walk-in showers comes second to none. Imagine coming home after a hectic day, opening the door to your bathroom and walking right into a blissful shower. This offers great comfort at the same time for pregnant women and the elderly who have a hard time getting in and out of a tub.

Spaciousness – In any type of bathroom, a walk-in shower will make it look more spacious, especially when you install them by replacing bath tubs. This makes it easy for you to move around without bumping into corners and even with smaller models, you have enough leg room to move easily while showering.

Durability – Walk-in showers are more convenient in the sense that they are highly durable. They are manufactured to withstand years of use and wear and tear without compromising quality and water flow. Provided that they are installed properly, walk-in showers can serve as an ideal long-term investment.

Low Maintenance – Generally speaking, walk-in showers have fairly low maintenance requirements. It’s quite easy to clean the shower heads since there are no curves where the water can get trapped. With the increased space, maintenance actually becomes a quick and convenient DIY fix as well.

Design – One of the most attractive features about walk-in showers is how elegantly they are designed. You have flexibility in choosing the shapes, styles, colors, designs, textures, and tiles. Custom made walk-in showers are also available on order, making it easier for you to keep a uniform design or theme in your home. You can also choose whether to have transparent, glazed, tinted, or colored glass. The creative freedom is yours for the taking!

Walk-In Shower: Tub to Shower Conversion Pros and Cons

Think of a walk-in shower as your Fortress of Solitude. 


Water SpillsWater spills can quickly accumulate around your walk-in showers, whether it has a separate door or not. Water will typically get trapped on the seam across the door. However, by installing a small drainage system near the seam or a splash guard, you can avoid water spills easily.

Cost – Since walk-in showers are highly durable and require advanced drainage systems, you will have to consider the total cost of installation. Evaluate your budget and keep in mind that this is a long-term investment. By having professionals install your new walk-in shower properly the first time, you won’t have to worry about recurring costs in the future.

Renovation – If you already have an existing bath system in your bathroom, then you will have to carefully plan the renovation work. For instance, if you have a large bathtub you want to convert to a shower, you will have to plan accordingly to make good use of space. Always consider the drainage system in regard to placement of your new walk-in shower. Things like the slant of the floor in the shower area will have to be adjusted to promote proper draining of water; otherwise your routine chores will increase with the mildew and mold that may arise.

Walk-In Shower: Tub to Shower Conversion Pros and Cons

One pro to a walk-in shower is they are easier to clean than a tub.

Worth the Investment?

Let’s face it, the one thing we look forward to in today’s stressful environment and busy life is a relaxing, yet quick shower that drains all the anxiety away. Walk-in showers are ideal and only enhance the showering experience.

Walk-in showers have the potential to increase the aesthetic beauty of your bathrooms. This adds up to a showering experience that many people relish. While they can be quite expensive to install, especially when you have significant renovation work, they do offer a long-term solution to your needs. By incorporating them with your home design, you can create a secluded, relaxing environment in your bathroom that gets you energized and revitalized every day.

Have a trained bathroom renovation specialist install your shower system and you won't have to worry about renovation details all on your own. They are trained and know how to correctly renovate bathrooms, plan around the previously installed plumbing and install new shower systems with all the perks. It's a worthwhile investment to have a bathroom renovation professional do you tub to shower conversion or shower system upgrade for you.

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