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Reasons to Remodel

When it comes to bathroom renovations and remodeling projects, there are many reasons people decide to go for it.

Perhaps it’s a change in lifestyle, a problem that needs to be fixed, or simply a much-needed upgrade.

The trending average nationwide for how often to remodel is 4-5 years.

It’s at this point when colors go out of style, appliances begin to fail, and you start getting sick of the look.

Although emergencies can force you to remodel sooner—burst pipes, broken fixtures, etc.—the average is 4-5 years.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, take inventory of why you want to (or should) remodel.

Top 10 Common Reasons for a Bathroom Remodel:

Remove bacteria, mold, and/or mildew
Fix leaks and plumbing
Replace current damages
Add safety and accessibility features
Increase home value
Remove outdated tubs and tile
Add to aesthetics
Save water, energy, and money
Install upgrades/new fixtures
Create a personalized escape with a bathroom you love
Of course, there are other reasons, but these 10 are the most common—these are the ones we hear over and over from our customers.

Remodeling is a Quick Fix for Many Problems

Remodeling is often brought on by problems in the bathroom area.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Bacteria growth is a strong catalyst for bathroom renovations, especially because of the threat it presents to your health and safety.

When water, moisture, and humidity have damaged old bathrooms, the space is prone to bacteria growth that creates mold and mildew.

According to a recent study, as much as 70% of homes have some form of mold.

Odds are, it wasn’t intentionally grown and cropped up in a water damaged area—
the bathroom.

After just 24-48 hours, the mold can thrive and live off the excess moisture present.

We all know that mold is dangerous—it comes with a host of issues like bronchitis, asthma, allergies, and severe breathing problems.

Children are known to be especially susceptible to these issues too. The longer it remains, the more severe the health problems can become.

It’s vital that you take action.

Leaks and Breaks

Leaks and breaks also tend to drive people towards remodeling.

Quickly fixing leaks and plumbing issues, as well as keeping the room clean and updated, will go a long way in preventing that mold.

Leaky pipes aren’t the end-all be-all of bathroom remodeling, though. Call a plumber and attempt to repair them first.

Same goes with damaged materials. If you can repair them without a full scale remodel, attempt to do so and save yourself some money.

However, if the same problem occurs again,or different breaks occur regularly, then it’s
time to remodel.

Having all that extra moisture everywhere from broken parts is too dangerous.

Overall Aesthetics

Bathroom remodels also update the style, looks, and aesthetics of bathroom spaces to design a more practical and pleasing room—don’t we all want a relaxing escape of a bathroom?

If you have an older bathroom, you may not even realize the possibilities available to you in fixture upgrades:
Glass showers
Waterproof walls and counter space
Detachable showerheads
Removing (or adding) a bathtub
Dual sinks
Sealed flooring to prevent water damage
Floating vanities
Additional storage
Let your wildest designs come to life as you work with your remodeler to design the bathroom of your dreams.