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We Used to Hate Our Bathroom

It was meant to be our son’s, but he refused to use it.
With the special needs that he had, the room was too dark, too cramped, and too small.
Not only was it non-functional for him, but the aesthetics were all off for the rest of us. It was a simple fiberglass insert: cheap looking, boring, and far too bulky for its own good.
It got to the point where we knew a remodel was necessary. When we asked our son about getting a new walk-in shower, he was ecstatic!
That’s when we reached out to Five Star Bath Solutions, our saving grace.

They were able to come out quickly and give us a fair, accurate estimate for the job.

They helped us design the bathroom, walked us through the process, and answered every question we could think of.
We were very impressed with the new material they brought as well. It looked just like real stone and had a luxurious finish.

Yet, it required very little cleaning on our part. The neighbors walk in now and all they can say is, “wow!”

Little do they know, it took less than two days for this transformation to take place.

On top of a beautiful finish with high-quality materials, the new walk-in shower created huge amounts of bathing space for our son to enjoy.

The first time he jumped in and used it, we could hardly get him out.
It’s stories like mine that drive people to remodel. Everybody deserves to love their bathroom.