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Improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your home.

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Orem Bathroom Remodeling Simplified

Bath Solutions’ bathroom renovation experts in Orem, UT proudly offer quality remodeling services at competitive prices with a warranty that can’t be beat! We bring our remodeling expertise to every residential and commercial project we take on. And our Bathroom Remodeling professionals are always clean, on time and on budget – guaranteed!

We proudly serve Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, American Fork, Lehi, Utah County and all surrounding areas. For a limited time GET 10% OFF! when you schedule online for your free In-Home Consultation.

Your Affordable Solution to a New Bath or Shower in as Little as One Day

As the bathroom renovation experts, Five Star Bath Solutions installs easy-to-clean bath and shower products in as little as one day. Equipped with microbe protection properties, your new bath or shower will be mold and mildew resistant, so you can spend less time maintaining your bathing space and more time enjoying it!

One-Day Bath Transformations

Remodel your bath or shower in one day.

Worry-Free Installation Services

Professional bath remodeling in Orem for new showers, tubs and more.

Beautiful Catalog Selection

Attractive colors, selection and variety to fit your needs.

Low-Maintenance Bathroom Solutions

No mold, no mildew, no grout for easy cleaning.

Lifetime Warranty

All wall systems are guaranteed to never discolor, stain, crack or leak.

FREE Orem In-Home Consultation

We provide affordable Orem bathroom remodeling solutions and a detailed quote for your consideration in the comfort of your home.

Why Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

  • On Budget: Choose from bathroom renovations of all sizes to fit your particular situation, home and budget
  • Beautiful Transformations: Beautiful completed transformations to bring the style and comfort you deserve
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind is your beautiful new bathroom!
  • Trusted: Enjoy the ease and professionalism that comes with a trusted contractor
  • Leading products: Our bathroom remodeling experts for Orem provide only the highest quality materials as we renovate your bathroom
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GET 10% OFF!

*Only When You Book Online

*Limited Time Offer. Expires: 04/01/17

Our Promise to You

  • - Beautiful bathroom transformations in as little as one day -
  • - Thousands less than traditional bathroom remodeling -
  • - Highest quality materials with a lifetime warranty -
  • - Factory trained and professional Orem installers -
  • - All Available Discounts ALWAYS applied -
  • - Affordable Solutions for every budget -
  • FREE Estimate

    FREE In-Home Consultation and Estimate

    bath solutions for Orem

    Orem Bathroom Remodeling Estimates You Can Count On

    Improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Now easier and more affordable than ever.

    Welcome video for Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Orem, UT

    picture of Bathroom Remodeling couple in Orem, UT

    There are many different ways that Five Star Bath Solutions can help with your bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling, we offer free estimates that can help you get started toward changing and transforming your bathroom to one that you have been dreaming of. You just simply need to contact us at Five Star Bath Solutions and our bathroom experts will be happy to help you get started. Leave your bathroom tasks up to us, no matter what the job size, we can do it all and will work to leave you satisfied.

    There are many ways to improve the look of your bathroom and the way that it works for you. Whether you need new fixtures, color schemes, or more, we have thousands of products that can help us create a great bathroom for you. With a few clicks of a mouse and a short phone call, you can start to see how easy it will be to go about transforming your home and creating a new bathroom for yourself and the family.

    • First Step - Start off by calling us and we will arrange for your own free estimate for the bathroom you have been dreaming of. You can also book an appointment online.
    • Second Step - Next we will come to your home to assess the area and discuss the options with you, this is where we really take the time to tailor a service that meets your own needs directly.
    • Third Step - The installation process begins for your new bathroom and it wont be long before it is completely transformed.

    Don't stress or worry about your bathroom renovations and create one that you've been wanting and desiring, hire our expert contractors to take care of the mess for you. Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem is able to offer quality options for bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling.

    Your new dream bathroom is only a phone call away, you can contact us and tell us what you have been wanting for your bathroom remodeling, let us tell you how we can make it happen. There is no risk in contacting us to see how we can meet your needs and bring you a bathroom that will work for you in functionality and one that visually is everything you have been wanting. Call or contact us online today for your FREE estimate!

    Take advantage of our free, in-home consultations and estimates today. Call us at (801) 396-1018!

    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    Orem's #1 Bathroom Remodeler

    picture of Bathroom Remodeling couple in Orem, UT

    Since 1996, Five Star Bath Solutions has been able to establish a record of success by having the most knowledgeable bathroom renovations and bathroom remodeling people. We work to make sure each customer has their needs catered to, beginning with establishing open communication, with the customer’s voice given the highest priority. This continues as we ensure your home is clean after the job, and the result meets the customer’s satisfaction. Our experience with a variety of customers helps us to understand each part of the customer’s needs. This is proven by our customer’s consistently referring us to their family and friends.

    Why Choose Bath Solutions Of Orem

    We are committed to providing you with our unique combination of expertise, the highest quality materials, a fast and clean installation process, and complete customer satisfaction. It is this combination of quality and pride that makes us the Orem Five Star Bathroom Renovation Specialists. It does not matter where you live. Five Star Bath Solutions experts are available to provide you with the best service. Find out for yourself by calling us today, and we will show you how the ordinary can become the extraordinary.

    Our Estimators

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem begins its bathroom renovation process by keeping the customer’s specific requirements in mind from start to finish. We discuss what it takes to obtain complete customer satisfaction by sending an estimator who provides you with a price quote. Our estimators are particularly qualified, and have the wide range of tools and knowledge to assist you finding a solution for your bathroom. They bring predesigned solutions to provide the customer with a number of alternatives. Unlike some of our competitors, we help you with your decision without any pressure to make an immediate decision.

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem has more than 9,000 different products to choose from. When we visit you, our estimator will have our electronic Five Star Bath Solutions catalog for you to browse through to help decide on the exact bathroom fixtures and necessities that will fit your personal taste and budget. Our experienced staff knows the importance of your decision, and will be patient as you seek a solution.

    Our Installers

    When you have made your final decision and set a time for us to begin working, Bath Solutions will send an installation team who is experienced and understands the importance of doing the job right the first time. They are prepared with the complete set of tools and equipment needed to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Choosing the finest bathroom fixtures and accessories requires expert installation. Our local Orem installers are experienced and trained to follow the specific installation instructions for each manufacturer.

    Experience for yourself the improvement and beauty Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem can bring to your bathroom and your life. Call us, or contact us online today to arrange an appointment so we can help you realize your dream bathroom. We will work with you to agree on the right price and the right time to see your dream bathroom renovations or bathroom remodeling become a reality.

    Take advantage of our free, free, in-home consultations and estimates today. Call us at (801) 396-1018!

    What We Do

    Beautiful, Affordable Bathroom Transformations for Orem

    Beautiful, Timeless Bathroom Remodels

    picture of Bathroom Remodeling couple in Orem, UT

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem provides effective, classy, inexpensive bathroom remodeling services. Regardless of the project, our guarantee is to turn your bathroom into the bathroom you have always wanted. We even aim to reach higher than your dreams, no matter the size of the room! Bath Solutions will conduct your assignment with efficiency and extreme understanding to your every concept, whether you are wanting an elegant walk-in bathtub or magnificent bathroom mirrors. We devote ourselves to making sure you are delighted with every single thing we do in your bathroom before we leave, ensuring you get the services you trust and respect!

    The Best in Bathroom Renovations

    We are your Orem Five Star Bathroom Renovations Specialists! We commit ourselves to utilizing the highest quality bath accessories and materials for every single job. Our unrivaled expertise helps us make your bathroom a one of a kind space just for you. We feel treating every single customer like the most essential client is the only way to do business. Because of this, our customers frequently refer their friends and family to Orem Five Star Bath Solutions. We tailor every bathroom renovation precisely to each client’s exact details and wishes.

    All you need to do is choose which options fit your situation, home, and budget. We do all of the rest. You can anticipate your contractor to be clean, courteous, and responsible, as well as fully prepared with all of the tools and supplies they need to complete the job. They install your bathroom features in an efficient and respectful manner, completely mindful of your home and schedule.

    Its More Than Just A Bathroom

    Take the time to finally give the most used room in your household the attention it deserves. You can finally immerse in security and luxury with a new bath, or unwind and unravel in an innovative, chic bathroom layout. Finally refresh your space with functionality, style, and peace that you have been wanting this entire time.

    To find out more about a beautiful, bathroom renovation, contact the friendly staff at Five Star Bathroom Solutions to get started. Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options with our expert Orem Bathroom Remodeling professionals.

    Take advantage of our free, free, in-home consultations and estimates today. Call us at (801) 396-1018!

    Our Specialties

    THE Premier Orem Bathroom Remodeler

    Professional, Experienced, Guaranteed Orem Bath Remodeling

    picture of Bathroom Remodeling couple in Orem, UT

    Bathroom renovations give homeowners a great feeling especially if the bathroom had already given in to the adverse conditions of the house. Everything looks and feels new. The feeling is greater when a new style and greater functionality is put to task.

    Here at Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem, installation expertise, providing high quality materials and offering the best customer service is all we do. Gone are the days when home owners had to stress to get quality work. Let your bathroom have the good qualities expensive bathrooms have and latest designs. We give you:

    • New style
    • Better functionality
    • Complete transformation
    • Leading products in the market
    • Renovation of all sizes
    • Trusted contractors

    Shower conversions

    We are not missing words when we say we are the best when it comes to shower conversion because we use the Tubcu T® conversion feature. It is important to understand that this tub-to-shower conversion feature can only be put to work if the installers are certified. The Orem Five Star Bath Solutions installers are.

    You can have your dream bathroom with this type of an in-home accessibility modification within half a day. This means that the bathroom will be good for use the following morning. We are also able to reverse and restore the tub to its initial condition if necessary. We make sure we stick to the main purpose of the Tubcu T which was designed to retain the dignity in your bathroom, make you appreciate your home and maintain your independence. There is more to just Bathroom renovations. The easy-to-see white step-over area is a complete package with a non-skid mat.

    Walk-in Tubs

    walk-in tub for Orem, UT Statistics show that among 3 elderly persons, 1 falls in a bathtub. At Orem Five Star Bath Solutions, we have greatly reduced that number with a walk-in bathtub. This is just to show our clients that their safety is our concern. We don’t want a simple bath to be a disaster.

    Age should not come between you and your warm and soothing bath. With a walk-in bathtub, you will access your bathroom and leave freely without having to worry about breaking some bones. Here are the health benefits you will enjoy in a walk-in bathtub:

    • Increasing circulation
    • Reducing arthritis pain
    • Easing of muscle pain
    • Helps bladder conditions
    • Soothing nerves
    • Reducing fever
    • Improving comfortable access in the bathroom
    • Reducing stress
    • Gives an optional hydrotherapy system which has 13 high-performance jets and three settings
    • Drains ten times faster than conventional tubs
    • Available lifetime guaranteed door-seal system

    Tub Enclosure

    tub enclosure for Orem, UT

    Five Star Bath Solutions can transform your bathroom using the highest quality bath wall systems available. Our renovations can take as little as a day to complete. Tub enclosure material needs to look good, last a long time, and be easy to clean. Our tub and shower surfaces look like natural stone, are durable, fade resistant, and come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the house.

    Many tub enclosures are covered in tile and grout. Because gout is porous, microbes tend to latch on to it causing discoloration. Eventually the grout will crack, allowing water to escape behind the wall and cause damage. It takes a lot of time and tedious effort to clean tile tub enclosures and the grout has to be replaced every ten years.

    Five Star Bath Solutions solid bath wall surfaces are nonporous, easy to clean and last for the life of the house. Because these surfaces are non-porous, mold and mildew has no place to stick to the walls. Cleaning is easier because there isn’t any grout to clean. It looks like natural stone but doesn’t need the high maintenance care of real stone.

    Tub enclosure are the perfect and affordable way to remodel your bathroom and make it like new again. Because bathrooms are a central part of starting your day, we work to complete the installation process in as little as a day. Five Star Bath Solutions technicians are trained professionals and will do the job right. Let us give you confidence that your new tub or shower enclosure project was completed correctly. With our full warranty you’ll have no reason to worry.

    Let Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem be your solution to bathroom renovations. Call or contact us online today and request your free estimate.

    Call now for your free, in-home consultation and estimate! (801) 396-1018


    About Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    Local, Trusted, Top Rated Orem Bathroom Remodeler

    picture of Bathroom Remodeling couple in Orem, UT

    The team at Five Star Bath Solutions in Orem provides the best options for bathroom renovations. Work that can be done will include complete redesigns or partial projects. We are located in areas where a customer is able to find the answers they are seeking. Our work has likely already been seen in the home of a neighbor. If you are looking for a new bathroom vanity, a walk-in bathtub, or any fixtures which will be a new feature in any bathroom, then we are able to help.

    We have a large collection of accessories available in our electronic catalog. This will allow our customers to pick and choose the options they prefer.

    High Quality Remodeling Services

    Our company is located in Orem and was established back in 1996. One of our first priorities as a new business was to assemble a professional and experienced staff. The goal was to provide a customer the superior service they deserve. We are able to guide them through every step of the remodel process.

    The process of a bathroom remodel begins when the first estimate is developed for a customer and will end when the final tile is set in place. Our staff is committed to the satisfaction of the customer and will have an obligation to ensure that no problems arise after the project is complete.

    Customers who want their bathroom remodeled by expert contractors need to choose a company that is offering the necessary services. The services provided by Five Star Bath Solutions in Orem include:

    • Complete Bathroom Renovations
    • Installing Acrylic Tub Liners
    • Installing Custom Bathroom Wall Systems
    • Resurfacing Bathtubs
    • Installing Custom Vanities
    • Shower Door Installation
    • Installing Air Tubs, Whirlpool Tubs, and Soaker Tubs
    • Walk-In Bathtub Installation

    Give us a call or contact us online today to find out how we can help you with all of your bathroom renovations.

    About Orem, UT

    Orem Bathroom Renovations

    Orem is south of Salt Lake City and is next to Provo and Lindon. The population of over 91,000 makes Orem the fifth largest city in Utah County. Orem is also known as the “Family City of the USA”. It is one the best place to raise a family. It sits at the foothills of Mount Timpanogos with large areas dedicated to parks and natural animal habitats.


    The city of Orem officially became a city in 1919. It was named after a rich industrialist named Walter C. Orem. He was the owner of a railroad that went through Orem and helped haul the produce grown into town. Orem was often referred to as the “Provo Bench,” due to its shared town limits.

    The first major population surge in Orem did not occur until 1942. This was when Geneva Steel Works was built creating major employment. This also created significant economic and industrial opportunities. It made Orem one of the largest suppliers of steel in WWII.

    The second major population surge took place when the many orchards and agricultural areas were given over to business concerns. These included shopping malls and business and economic centers. Several restaurants and theaters that are present in Orem were built around this time.

    Sister City of Orem

    Orem shares the Chinese city of Urumqui in China with Provo.

    Neighborhoods and Municipalities

    Orem is a closely knit community with suburban neighborhoods. The economic and commercial development hasn’t diminished the traditional charm of the city. Orem has an educated population and enjoys the benefits of an attractive setting and low unemployment.

    The city of Orem is geographically challenged as there are not many places to expand. But still the cost of living and housing is lower than many other cities in America. Sharon, Stonewood, Lakeview, Orem East, and Canyon View are some of the notable neighborhoods in Orem.

    The surrounding cities share some of the same geographical and general characteristics as Orem. Lindon, Provo, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, American Fork, and Highland are some of the towns and cities.

    Art and Culture

    The art and culture of Orem is tame compared to the many big cities but has many distinguished features. The Woodbury Art Museum hosts exhibits from local and international artists. The Orem Library organizes several weekly activities for children. These are often sponsored by various library publications.

    Utah Valley University's music department and the Hale Center Theater of Orem are also entertainment providers.

    The SCERA Center for the Arts provides the local and visiting community with the experience of good movies, concerts and theater. All paired with exceptional food.

    Sports and Recreation

    Orem Owls are the only major sports team hailing from Orem. They have often participated in the Pioneer Baseball League. Utah Flash is a basketball team which represents Orem in the D League for Basketball. The various sports teams of the Utah Valley University Wolverines also provide sporting excitement for the community.

    There are many other recreational activities in Orem which are an inexpensive way to use the expanse of rugged nature. The Murdock Canal Trail is a favorite among the hiking and biking community. Another great place to visit in Orem is the Mt. Timpanogos Park where the Annual Storytelling Festival takes place over Labor Day weekend.

    The Wasatch Mountains, located next to Orem are famous for activities such as hiking, fishing and skiing.

    Orem is nestled at the foot of Mount Timpanogos. It is a small city, but has all the necessities of modern life. The facilities provided by government and commerce are numerous. All this makes Orem a highlight when visiting Utah and a delightful place to live.

    Call us today for your free, in-home consultation and estimate and save on your remodel! (801) 396-1018


    Contact Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    Five Star Bath Solutions of OremBathroom Remodeling

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    Bathroom Remodeler

    Contact Us:

    • Location:, Orem, UT 84097
    • Phone: (801) 396-1018
    • Hours: M-F: 07 am - 09 pm
      Sa-Su: 08 am - 06 pm
    • Serving: We serve Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, American Fork, Lehi, and Utah County and all surrounding areas.

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    Google Reviews For Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    Real Customer Reviews As Verified By Google GMB:
    5-Star did a great job on our shower remodel, we removed an existing jacuzzi tub and shower and turned the area into a wonderful walk in shower. They were very neat and respectful of our home while they worked, the workmanship was outstanding, they kept us informed on the progress and made sure we were good with the location of the extras like shelves and inserts. They took the time to answer any questions we had during installation and the final bill was what they quoted us at the beginning. The only improvement would be to have more definitive drawings of the project at the beginning for both the installer and the client. I would recommend them to others.
    - 05/18/2016
    We were very happy with way the bath room finished up. Look Beautiful The work was done on time after the job was started. We would recommend this company to our neighbors We had a small problem but was taken care of immediately Thank For A Great Job Joe& Starla
    - 05/28/2016
    From start to finish this has been the very best experience possible. Everyone associated with our job was professional, pleasant and very focused on the work; giving extremely helpful advice all along the way. Everything was done to perfection in a timely manner; the job site was kept clean; there were no hidden charges; AND... it's a local company with a 100% lifetime guarantee!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. Five Star did a 10(+) star job for us!
    - 12/28/2015
    We appreciated the prompt and professional response of Five Star Bath Solutions from the beginning to the completion of our bathroom re-model. Ken Norton worked around our schedule. Our installer, Mike Davison, and his assistants did amazing work. I would highly recommend Five Star Bath Solutions to anyone.
    - 04/06/2016
    We had thought of doing our bath remodel ourselves, with the help of talented handyfriends--but we are so glad we chose Five Star Bath Solutions. The job was estimated very thoroughly by Seth, who helped us choose materials for the shower surround that look fantastic. We also really liked being able to choose the vanity ourselves, rather than having a list supplied by the company. Once the work began, Mike was ultimately thorough and professional, handling the difficulties of our 1950s home with grace. It's clear that Mike cares deeply about the quality of the work he completes. The whole job was easy for us from start to finish.
    - 12/31/2015

    Beautiful One Day Bathroom Remodeling in Orem, UT

    bath solutions for Orem

    Need a fresh look or improved functionality?

    Improve your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. Now easier and more affordable than ever.

    Welcome video for Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Orem, UT

    Remodel Your Bath or Shower In One Day

    In as little as one day you can have a fresh new look in your bathroom. Using proprietary installation procedures and state-of-the-art products not available in big box stores, we offer unique solutions to beautify and enhance your bathing space.

    Enhance the functionality of your bathroom with a corner or full-size shower, or create a bathing oasis with a standard, deep soaker or jetted bathtub. Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem is local and trusted throughout Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, American Fork, Lehi, and Utah County, UT and is the premier bathroom renovation company you can trust to remodel your bathroom.

    Five Star Bath Solutions versus the rest

    • Free in-home consultations
    • Installers with experience
    • Licensed and insured
    • No high-pressure sales
    • Factory-trained installers
    • Pass all savings to the customer
    • Complete warranty
    • High-quality products
    • On time
    • On budget

    New Low-Maintenance Options

    Stop scrubbing and maintaining your bathing area. New materials make it easy to clean and maintain your bathing space now and in the future, it will fit the entire bathing wall surface to cover and protect the walls from water.

    Five Star Bath Solutions™ Bath/Shower Wall Systems


    • Microbe protection properties/mold and mildew resistant
    • Full floor-to-ceiling continuous walls
    • Large variety of colors and textures
    • Elegant natural stone color selections

    Orem's Premier Walk-In Tub Installers

    bath solutions for Orem

    Maintain your independence

    Retreat to the best of style and safety to meet your needs.
    Bathe in comfort from the convenience of your home.

    Welcome video for Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Orem, UT

    Regain Bathing Independence

    A walk-in bathtub is the perfect solution to help you regain your bathing independence. If you are a senior or have limited mobility, arthritis, joint pain or tension, this is the right solution for you. From the design consultation through the complete installation of your walk-in tub, Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem is there with you every step of the way, making your experience transparent and worry-free. Five Star Bath Solutions™ is North America’s leader in walk-in bathtub solutions.

    Five Star Bath Solutions versus the rest

    • Free in-home consultations
    • Installers with experience
    • Licensed and insured
    • No high-pressure sales
    • Factory-trained installers
    • Pass all savings to the customer
    • Complete warranty
    • High-quality products
    • On time
    • On budget

    Bathe easily and comfortably

    • Low step threshold for easy access
    • Hydrotherapy and aromatherapy systems
    • Air jet systems
    • Friendly faucet handles and handheld shower nozzle
    • Fast flow drain to minimize waiting time
    • Three color options
    • Door seal with lifetime guarantee
    • Heated seat and backrest
    • Fits in most tub openings

    Walk-In Bathtub Wall Systems and Accessories

    Five Star Bath Solutions™ custom wall systems fit the entire bathing wall surface to cover and protect the walls from water damage, and are non-porous to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. These wall systems are guaranteed for the life of your home, are extremely low-maintenance and affordable for all budgets.

    We make choosing the right accessories easy by sending our friendly in-home consultants to your home with our complete digital catalog. Equipped with actual samples as well, we will show you the highest quality and most popular bathroom accessory options. From toilets to corner shelves and soap dishes to grab bars, make your bathing space enjoyable for years to come.

    We serve Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, American Fork, Lehi, and Utah County and all surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation and estimate! (801) 396-1018

    Orem 's Shower Conversion Experts

    Picture of termite control services for Orem

    Convert your tub into a full walk-in shower

    Revamp your shower space with new style and greater functionality.
    Relax and unwind in your new shower design.

    Welcome video for Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Orem, UT

    Enjoy a full-length walk-in shower

    Easily turn your bathtub space into an elegant walk-in shower in as little as one day. A beautiful walk-in shower provides easier access to the shower, all while adding a simple solution for your bathing needs. All walk-in showers come with a lifetime warranty and are installed by factory-trained professionals.

    Five Star Bath Solutions versus the rest

    • Free in-home consultations
    • Installers with experience
    • Licensed and insured
    • No high-pressure sales
    • Factory-trained installers
    • Pass all savings to the customer
    • Complete warranty
    • High-quality products
    • On time
    • On budget

    Easy to Clean Shower Space

    Having a hard time cleaning your shower space? Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem 's materials make your shower easy to clean and maintain, in addition to protecting your walls from water.

    Why a Five Star Bath Solutions Shower Conversion?


    • Floor-to-ceiling protection against water damage
    • Microbe protection properties/mold and mildew resistant
    • Color selections include traditional travertine, natural stone, and solid wall colors
    • Choose from a variety of styles, patterns and accessories

    Call now to get your free in-house consultation and estimate! (801) 396-1018

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem

    GET 10% OFF!

    *Only When You Book Online

    *Limited Time Offer. Expires: 04/01/17

    Business Services:

    • Residential Bathroom Remodeling
    • Commercial Bathroom Remodeling

    Specializing In:

    • Bath Remodeling
    • Walk-In Bathtubs
    • Tub to Shower Conversions
    • Tub Surrounds


    • Utah County
    • Orem
    • Provo
    • Spanish Fork
    • American Fork
    • Lehi
    • Utah County

    Customer Reviews

    Called the company based on previous review. Bathroom remodel was done to our complete satisfaction. Beautiful. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you again especially to Ken Morton !
    Wow! This team is great. From the emergency work over the weekend to finishing the job, Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem was the best. Everyone who worked in our home was professional: always on time, cleaned up, and courteous. We could not have asked for anything more. Ken Morton was great. I won't hesitate to recommend them.
    Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Aviare Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Bath Tub Network Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Delta Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Foremost Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Moen Five Star Bath Solutions of Orem Partner Sentrel