Bathroom Remodeling

Brunswick Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


Designing and fitting a bathroom can be overwhelming and exhaustive work for a person. The bathroom is one of the most complex rooms in your house and contains not just fixtures and furniture, but also a lot of electrics, tiling, painting, and — most important of all —plumbing.

For people who are fond of DIY, making their dream bathroom can quickly turn into a nightmare. However, for Five Star Bath Solutions of Brunswick, remodeling bathrooms is our speciality; it is what we are good at and our staff has years of experience getting the right training and skills to create the bathroom that you need.

Consultation and Estimation

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Brunswick, we first conduct a comprehensive survey of your home to familiarize ourselves with the style and personality of your home and to ensure that the plumbing in your home is suitable for the materials, fixtures, and other products you choose.

During the visit, we will measure the dimensions of your bathroom, discuss with you the vision you have for the room. We will also create a 2D floor plan of the bathroom to show you and finalize all the small but important details that will give life to your bathroom, such as fittings, lightings, colors, tiles, and walls of the bathroom, and then give you an estimate of what the project will cost you.

If, during the design process, you want to make certain changes to the bathroom, you are most welcome to do so and we will adjust your bathroom accordingly.

Sublime Bathroom Experience

Five Star Bath Solutions does not just provide you with premium-quality bathroom remodeling. We believe that we make sublime bathroom experiences. A bathroom should not only be about functionality; it should also be a place where you go to relax and make you feel good about yourself.

With this in mind, we craft each and every aspect of your bathroom so that it caters to your overall happiness. Our skilled craftsmen and technicians are committed to high quality and visionary designs and we will work closely with you until we have achieved something out of the ordinary for you.

With Five Star Bath Solutions, we offer you gorgeous style, comfort, and elegance, and ensure a sensory experience that will delight your senses and carry you away to a land of luxury.

Quality Fittings and Installation


As we have said before, remodeling a bathroom can be very challenging and it can be doubly so when you don’t have the right equipment. That is why we suggest you hire us to remodel your bathrooms.

Our workers are equipped with specialized and innovative equipment that is required to install all the fixtures and fitting in your bathroom. These tools are quite expensive and you may not want to invest in them for a one-time job. But for Five Star Bath Solutions of Brunswick, these are our tools of the trade and we use them to create a superior bathroom for you at a fraction of the cost that it would take if you were to buy all these equipment yourself and make your own bathroom.

But before we start fitting your bathroom, we will make sure that every single detail, including the walls, floorings, shower or tub, toilet seat, and other fixtures in the bathroom are in the right place and will contribute towards the room’s maximum effect.

In addition, we also give you more value by helping you easily source a fixture or fitting that needs to be replaced!

We guarantee high-quality bathroom projects at a competitive cost. To schedule an appointment with us, call us today at (732) 289-9036 or visit our website.