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How We Function


Bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest home improvement projects. It requires proper planning and experienced professionals to get the job done right. If you want to transform your old and rusty bathroom into a completely new space, Five Star Bath Solutions of Charleston is always ready to help. We are experts at creating dream spaces for homeowners. 

You can enjoy the bathroom remodeling experience with us as your contractors; we don’t believe in making the remodeling process unnecessarily complex. Our remodeling process involves the removal of old fixtures and materials. Our factory-trained experts replace the old materials with new, innovative ones that create beautiful and colorful spaces. 

There are a few basic steps that are followed during the remodeling process. Read on to learn what they are to understand better how we function as a bathroom remodeling team. 

In-House Consultation

Before starting a remodeling project, a consultation from an experienced professional is necessary. A professional consultant can guide you better about which bathroom options are a perfect fit for your new space. You’ll get an in-depth understanding of what is needed for the ultimate bathroom transformation. 

Our experts will also give you a detailed quote for the remodeling projects based on your budget and bathroom requirements during the consultation. We want you to make the most out of your money. 

Accurate Dimensions


After helping you choose the right products and pricing the entire project, our experts will take accurate measurements of your bathroom space. It ensures that all products fit perfectly into your new space without dimensional issues. 

Five Star Bath Solutions does not create conventional products that all come in the same size. We don’t believe in the hand-me-down approach. We want you to have a unique bathroom that’s solely yours and has tailored products to match your space. 

Trustworthy Installation

Five Star Bath Solution only works with the best integrators who have been trained professionally. As a result, our bathroom remodeling is always top-notch, keeping customers happy. You can trust us to send you only the best integrators who spend many extra hours training for the bathroom remodeling. 

You can rely on us completely for the remodeling project. Our trustworthy installation will put you and your family at ease. Moreover, we avoid needless delays. Our goal is to get the job done as soon as possible so you can enjoy the new fixtures within 24 hours. 

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Five Star Bath Solutions upholds the title of the best bathroom remodeling company in Charleston. We aim to stay at the top by keeping all customers satisfied with our products and services. 

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