Wall Surrounds

Charleston Tub and Shower Wall Systems


If you're looking for the best products to transform your bathroom, Five Star Bath Solutions has everything you're looking for. Our wall surrounds are the best in Charleston and are designed specifically to fit into your bathroom. 

They are waterproof and resist the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. You'll never have to worry about water damage with our wall surrounds. The best part is that they come with a limited lifetime warranty. 


Moldy grout is one of the biggest problems faced by homeowners today. It leads to cracks and water damage because of the porous nature of grout. 

When choosing shower products, aesthetics aren't the only thing that needs to be kept in focus. Product efficiency and functionality are two other aspects to consider. Outdated shower solutions will cause water seepage and other issues that wear out bathrooms. 

Finding water-resistant products is essential to creating durable spaces. We offer premium shower wall surrounds that are unlike any other. Our consultant will help you choose from our comprehensive selection for the best results. 

We coat all the products at Five Star Bath Solutions with a special coating that makes them water-resistant and perfect for the shower area. They can easily be used as flooring and wall surrounds. Moreover, the edges of the products are also sealed to prevent any water from seeping through. 

The foundation of our products is also waterproof, making them perfect for bathrooms. Our bathroom remodeling services will ensure you get a water-resistant space that does not allow bacterial growth.

Not only do we the best services. Our factory-trained installers will ensure everything blends seamlessly into your remodeled space using cutting-edge technology. 

A bathroom transformation with our services will last a lifetime. You and your family can enjoy the luxurious space for many years to come. 

Highly-Trained Installers

Bathroom Renovations for Charleston

Our services don't only include the best products and practices but also the best technicians. Throughout the remodeling process, you will work with professionals who have in-depth knowledge of bathroom remodeling. 

A cheap remodeling contractor might save you some money initially, but they use cheap products. The products will cause bathroom issues in the long haul, and taking care of them will be expensive. Choose us, and you'll never be disappointed with our services. We're at the top of the remodeling industry for a reason!

Personalized Wall Surrounds

Bathroom remodeling is never the same for different customers. Everyone wants to have a unique bathroom that does not contain run-of-the-mill solutions. Fortunately, Five Star Bath Solutions provides personalized wall surrounds custom-fitted into your bathroom. The goal is to ensure that the wall surrounding blends seamlessly into your newly transformed space.

Same-Day Installations

Not knowing when the renovation will be complete is one of the homeowners' biggest issues. Instead of leaving you hanging for weeks, we complete the bathroom remodeling project within a day. Our time frame does not exceed 24 hours so that you can enjoy your dream space right away. 

Our exclusive installation process combined with innovative products allows us to recreate your picture-perfect bathroom in only one day. The best part is that the quality levels stay unmatched even with such fast installation. 

Get in touch with Five Star Bath Solutions of Charleston today to start your bathroom remodeling project. Call us at (843) 738-1915 to book your free in-home consultation today!