Shower to Tub Conversion

Northern Massachusetts Shower to Tub Conversions

Bathroom remodeling is mainly done when homeowners want a complete shower conversion. Instead of dealing with a space-taking bathtub, most people prefer walk-in showers. They offer more space to move about in the bathroom and add value. 

Transform your bathroom into a beautified space using our latest technology and innovative products within a single day. 

Let’s look at why people choose shower conversion projects for bathroom remodeling. 

The Best Remodeling Company

Five Star Bath Solutions offers the best bathroom remodeling options, making us trusted by homeowners in Northern Massachusetts. You can add any elements to your bathroom without crossing your budget restrictions. Our affordable solutions include the following:

Latest Designs 

When a meeting is set up with our consultant, you can choose from various products to recreate your ideal space. Our consultant will guide you about all the features we offer and create a budget for your bathroom remodeling project. Our estimator will plan and price the bathroom within your range if you have a set limit. We don’t believe in making our customers spend extra needlessly on solutions that can easily be attained within a budget. 

Safety Options

Our bathroom transformations are safe for everyone. Our safety options make the shower conversion more attractive and secure for you and your entire family. The risk of tripping or slipping accidents is minimized considerably. 

Let’s look at some of the safety options at Five Star Bath Solutions:

  1. Shower bars and rails
  2. Anti-slip shower floors
  3. Shower benches 
  4. Low curb shower entrance
  5. Walk-in tubs
  6. Handheld showerheads

Superior Quality Materials

Our materials do not compromise on aesthetics or quality. We work with only the top manufacturers in Northern Massachusetts, resulting in unmatched quality and durability. You can expect your newly transitioned space to last for a lifetime. 

Low Maintenance Solutions

Five Star Bath Solutions offers hassle-free bathroom options that can easily be maintained without using expensive products. All our products are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dirtproof. They don’t stain and are easy to clean. 

Highly Trained Experts

Our installers undergo extra hours of professional training to ensure customer satisfaction. Our workers ensure that your new bathroom has added functionality and comfort. 

24-Hour Completion

We understand how busy your daily schedule can get. Our team does the job quickly and efficiently to avoid disrupting your routine. You can expect your new bathroom to be completed and ready to use within 24 hours. 

Unique Installation Process

Our installation process incorporates cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, which results in top-class bathrooms. We use a unique installation technique, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Lifetime Warranties

Since bathroom remodeling projects are expensive, we offer warranties on all products and services to build a trusting relationship with customers. 

A limited lifetime warranty applies to all bathroom remodeling projects for a certain period. However, since we offer composite walls and flooring that do not contain grout, you can expect the bathroom to last longer without issues. Plus, our expert installation ensures you get a reliable bathroom every time. 

Start Your Project Today

Start your shower conversion project today by calling us at (978) 890-4580. Our helpful representative will schedule your free in-home meeting with our consultant at your convenience.