Bathroom Remodeling

Tampa Bay Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling


A bathroom is one of the most important parts of any home and also one of the first parts that homeowners consider getting remodeled. Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to give them a fancy, 5-star hotel-like feel? Whether you say it out loud or not, you, like everyone else, long for a luxurious bathroom experience.

It’s only natural for you to feel completely lost if you’re getting your bathroom remodeled for the first time. Bathroom remodeling is nothing short of a major home renovation project, and you can’t afford to get the job done poorly. To help you through the process, we’ve outlined how and where to start with your bathroom remodeling project below.

Talk To An Experienced Consultant

First things first – talk to an experienced consultant and be vocal about what you really want. From the types of floor to the type of sanitary fitting, you should explain all your requirements to the consultant to make sure they really understand what it is that you’ve got in your mind. At Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay, we offer a free in-home consultation where the consultant visits your home, evaluates the bathroom, listens to what you want, and then discusses with you the best possible bathroom remodeling plan.

Get Accurate Measurements of Your Bathroom

You can either measure your bathroom yourself or have the consultant do it for you. This part of the process is taken care of by Five Star Bath Solutions when the consultant comes for the visit. 

It’s extremely important that the measurements you share with the bathroom remodeling professional are accurate because the quotation and the material procurement will be based entirely on it.

Schedule the Final Bathroom Remodeling


After you’re sure that the bathroom remodeling plan is as per your requirements and you’ve agreed to the quoted expense, you can move ahead to scheduling the remodeling project.


Bathroom remodeling can take anywhere from a few days up to a week, depending on the extent of renovation. After everything is aligned, you can give the go-ahead to the contractor to start work on transforming your existing bathroom into your dream bathroom!

Five Star Bath Solutions of Tampa Bay offers the most customer-oriented services. They’re one of the few bathroom remodeling professionals that offer free in-home consultations to make sure they understand what the customer wants and are able to work out the best plan for them. With their finest quality material and highly professional workforce, Five Star Bath Solutions is where you need to be headed today.

Give us a call at (813) 497-4076 or visit our website to schedule a free in-home consultation and kick-start your bathroom remodeling today!