Walk-In Tubs

Temple Walk-In Tub Installers


Bathrooms can be a place for potential accidents, and it is an even greater risk if you have senior adults or physically challenged individuals at home. Bathroom slip and falls are a significant cause of Emergency Room visits and serious accidents.

By working with Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple, you can add important safety features for your family and loved ones to your new bathroom. 

We offer walk-in tubs where you can have a relaxing shower without compromising your safety. The walk-in tubs that we offer have the following safety features.

Shower Seats


A wet and slippery floor can threaten the elderly and physically challenged individuals as they stand in the shower. But with shower seats in your walk-in tub, you can reduce the risk of slip and falls and make the shower a comfortable experience.

Easy to Handle Doors

At Five Star Bath Solutions of Temple, we offer walk-in tubs with easy to handle doors. Since the idea is to provide comfort, we make it simple to open and close the shower door after a relaxing bath with no joint or arthritis pain.

Shower Bars

Shower bars are critical for your safety. In every single one of our walk-in tubs, we install shower and grab bars that allow you to brace yourself when standing up or sitting down.

Ambidextrous Safety Options

We strongly believe that none of our customers is at a disadvantage. Whether you are right-handed or your left hand is dominant, our walk-in tubs feature ambidextrous safety options for all our customers' added safety and comfort. 

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