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6 How to Choose
a Contractor

Once you’ve decided to hire a contractor and you have a general idea for your remodel, you’re ready to find the contractor who will fit your needs. However, finding the right contractor can feel overwhelming and stressful—how do you know you picked the right person?

When you know exactly what to look for, this process becomes significantly easier.

Here’s what you’ll want to look for:

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License & Insurance

Wherever we’re located, we’re covered there!

Not every contractor is qualified for the specific job you need done. So it’s important to know exactly what their license and insurance cover.

The licensing system for contractors is set up by each state to ensure competence, and their insurance makes sure it will be covered if something goes wrong.

License and insurance are the first green light (or red flag) that they might be a good choice.

Past Work

Check our site or social media for examples of our recent projects.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, any before/after photos you can find of a contractor’s past work is an invaluable piece to the puzzle!

These photos will demonstrate the type and quality of work they do. Each contractor has their own style as well.

Looking at their pictures will help you understand if they’ll be able to replicate the aesthetic you want.

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Best Value Guarantee


We’re proud to offer the industry-best warranty on everything we do.

Additionally, take a look at what warranties the contractor offers. Warranties show that they are confident and an expert in their abilities.

They aren’t worried about any possible mishaps. If something does go wrong, they’re willing to offer you protection and guarantees without any extra cost.

Years In Business

Seventeen years, tens of thousands of jobs, and countless happy customers.

It’s also important that you do your research on their business. How many years have they been working?

The longer they’ve been in business, the better. This is proof of their time and experience.

If they’ve been in business for several years, this tells you that they have no shortage of work or clients—another indicator of quality work.



Don’t discount customer reviews! Past customers have been where you are now, and their testimonials will show you what kind of experience you can expect.

The number of reviews matters just as much as the quality and what they say, so take the time to read them through.

Look on the contractor’s website and Google as well as home affiliates like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, or Houzz, where the reviews are certified.


Learn everything you can about the suppliers a contractor uses. You want high-quality products and materials when it comes to your bathroom remodel.

Ensure that they use professional-grade, state-of-the-art materials that will fit your design.

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HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved

Five-Star Technicians

You don’t need to hire the most expensive contractor to do the job right.
Use these platforms as a guide to find the professional who’s right for your remodel.
Google Reviews

You’ll come to find that the technicians
we employ check every box.

Fully licensed and insured
Offers are fully transferable, lifetime warranty
Posts easily accessible before and after photos
Have a combined 50 years of experience
Have an average of 4.9 stars on thousands of reviews
Have access to our warehouses full of the best material money can buy
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