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Common Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid

The best way to avoid common mistakes is by learning what they are. Knowing about potential problems allows you to plan better from the beginning.

Here are the most common mistakes we see as we work with customers:

Bathroom Moisture
Control your comfort by properly managing moisture!

Inadequate Ventilation

Ventilation is a necessary, but often overlooked, update in a bathroom remodel. A lot happens in a bathroom, and the biggest worry is moisture buildup and water damage.

From hot and humid showers to kids splashing around, excess moisture can come from anywhere.

Ensuring proper ventilation allows airflow to prevent waterlogged surfaces. In turn, you stay ahead of issues like mold and mildew.

This can be as simple as choosing the right bathroom fan.

You’ll want to make sure that your fan vents out of your house, rather than dumping the moisture in between floor joists or into the attic.

If you’re concerned about a fan pulling heat out of your home, consider choosing one with heat-exchange ventilation.

There are many options to consider based on your desired power and airflow, noise level, and extras like motion-sensing lights.

Drainage Issues

Similarly, powerful drainage in the tub, shower, and sink allows the plumbing to do its job. This will reduce water damage and prevent most puddles after use.

It can’t be overstated how important this is, for both health (less mold and mildew possibilities) and safety (less possibility of slipping).

Plumbing Repair Service
Lack Storage Bathroom

Lack of Storage

Odds are, your current bathroom situation doesn’t offer you enough storage. Towels, cleaning supplies, makeup, skincare and haircare products, bath toys—the list goes on and on!

Your bathroom remodel is your chance to up the storage to be as convenient and useful as possible.

Poor Lighting

Likewise, the bathroom is the place where most people get ready for the day and clean themselves up. We’ve all had the experience of trying to shower or put on makeup in a poorly lit bathroom.

So, when upgrading your bathroom, take this into account. The proper light placement, light fixtures, and light bulbs make a world of difference.

Poor Lighting Bathroom
Installation Measurement

Incorrect Measuring

Measuring will probably be one of the first things done—whether you’ve decided to go DIY or hire a contractor.

At the beginning, loose measurements may suffice for a general idea of your remodel.

However, it is vital that all measurements be precise when it comes to buying products and completing renovations. This is when the old construction adage applies: “Measure twice, cut once.”

Not Consulting Experts

Luckily, this one is a pretty simple fix. Whether you plan on a DIY project or hiring a team, consulting an expert or two will provide you with invaluable insights for your particular situation.

A bathroom remodel is not something you should face on your own without a little guidance first.

Expert FSBS Contractor Showing-product
Ceiling is Moldy Wall Panels

Poor Materials (especially tile)

Choosing the right materials and products will make the difference between an expensive-looking bathroom and a cheap-looking bathroom.

It will make the difference between a bathroom that lasts a lifetime and one that begins having problems within a few months.

One of the biggest material mistakes people make when remodeling their bathroom is in their tile choices.

Since we work with so many customers who are disappointed in their tile, we want to call this one out specifically!

Tile in a Bathroom Remodel

Tile is the most common installation for bathroom walls and flooring. But, did you know that tile was not created to be used in wet areas? That’s right. It was made for flooring that wouldn’t be exposed to a great deal of water.

Putting tile in bathrooms is a relatively new thing brought on by fashion trends, not functionality.

What does this mean? Well, ultimately, there are quite a few disadvantages to putting tile in an area with a lot of water, moisture, or humidity—your bathroom. One of the biggest problems is grout.


It’s recommended that grout in frequently used showers be resealed every 6-12 MONTHS?! (...when was the last time you did that chore?)

Pitfalls of Grout

Prone to water damage
Must be resealed

Grout is a sand-like filling that hardens like cement. It’s the most common method of filling the space between tiles because it’s relatively inexpensive.

However, this sand-like material is just that: sand-like.

It’s very porous, which allows water to easily seep through the tile into your floors and walls, leading to the growth of mold.

Without complete waterproofing, this is the perfect recipe for mold and bacteria to make an unwelcome appearance in your life, threatening your health and peace of mind.

Water damage is the main threat to a bathroom’s longevity, causing structural damage beneath the tile.

Thus, when using tile and grout, it must be sealed. Even when properly sealed, the nature of the materials are not as waterproof as we would like.

Tile Fitfalls

Pitfalls of Tile

Moisture can continue to sneak past the tile, warping and cracking wood underneath.

Further, tile can be very expensive. This is particularly true when you have specific aesthetic needs that demand luxurious designs and materials.

Whatever you tile choices, they will play a big factor in staying on or going over budget.

Finally, if your tile continues to leak, you’ll end up spending more on continued renovations.

It’s easy to assume that tile is the best and only option for bathroom surfaces.

This is a common mistake made in bathroom renovations.

Fortunately, there are much better options that solve all the problems that tile presents.

Tile Alternative at Five Star Bath Solutions

Our bathroom products are effective, look great, and are much more affordable. We’re talking thousands of dollars cheaper!

These products are high-quality and low-cost. This keeps you on budget while creating a safe and beautiful space.

Simtile T10 Calacatta White 3 Wall
The modern materials we use at Five Star Bath Solutions are made with a new technology that offers a number of distinct advantages our customers love. It’s…
An Extra
Easy To
For Life
Royale 96 in Frost with Wainscotting
White Background Water Drops Texture Design

100% Waterproof for Life

Modern composite materials that eliminate the need for porous grout.

This significantly reduces the chance of water damage, increasing the longevity of the framing and flooring, and overall project.

The entire product is sealed and waterproof, which is exactly what you want in a bathroom.

Plus, there’s an extra safeguard layer to ensure protection against mold and mildew growth.

Whether for small surfaces or floor-to-ceiling walls, these products offer a truly powerful waterproof shield. In fact, it’s guaranteed 100% waterproof for life.

This is the key to a successful bathroom remodel that will last a lifetime, rather than cracking or staining in just a few years.

New Microbe Resistant

Unlike tile, Five Star Bath Solutions also provides surfaces that have microbe protection properties.

That means it rolls off the factory floor ready to resist bacteria. While it still requires cleaning, it’s safer and healthier than ceramic tile and porous grout.

When it comes to that necessary bathroom cleaning, these modern materials are incredibly easy to clean too.

No more worrying over stained, filthy grout or excessive scrubbing to get a sterile and shining bathroom.

Best of all, no more harsh chemicals! Maintain a hygenic space without overpriced, toxic cleaners.

Cleaning Bathroom
Lifetime Warranty

Five Star Lifetime Warranty

All Five Star Bath Solutions remodeling projects are backed with a lifetime warranty.

From parts and materials to labor and installation, this warranty guarantees your bathroom is waterproof for life.

And, if you ever face an issue in the future, one of our installers will be
there to fix it.

Quality remodels should last a lifetime—we’re here to make sure that happens and that you avoid all the common mistakes of bathroom remodels.

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