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    Oak Brook Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling

    bathroom-remodelingIt can be difficult to overlook a remodeling project when you have a busy schedule. Day after day, with the workers coming in and hammering away, there’s no room left for privacy. What if you could achieve your bathroom remodeling dream at an affordable price and in just a day?

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Oak Brook is a master at providing a speedy and quality bathroom remodeling. Our cutting edge products and installation procedures will give you a brand new bathroom in just one day.

    From a full-sized shower to a jetted bathtub or a deep soaker tub, we offer luxurious bathroom amenities that will completely transform your bathroom. Even the wall systems we offer are made from the highest quality material, which requires no maintenance.

    Three service features that separate us from our competitors include:

    • Anti-microbial surface technology, which keeps away mold and mildew from the grout
    • Limited lifetime warranty for our products
    • Flexible financing, which allows you to not just get a simple renovation but a complete remodel if you wish

    We Promise Customer Satisfaction

    Five Star Bath Solutions Remodeling

    The top priority of Five Star Bath Solutions is customer satisfaction. In order to deliver the best, we need our customers’ trust, which is what we aim for. We promise you:

    • Highly functional bathrooms that are completed within a day
    • Beautiful designs
    • Factory-trained installers
    • Affordable remodeling services

    The Bathroom of Your Dreams

    We have unmatched expertise, experience and an eye for creativity that allow us to present you with a unique bathroom remodel design. We use state-of-the-art equipment and coupled with quality workmanship, our hard work reflects in the design.

    Through a customer-focused approach, technical brilliance, and design excellence, we are able to make our customers happy.

    Great Service

    bathroom-remodelingWe provide in-home, free consultations so that we can get to know your bathroom remodel needs. Along with the basic amenities, we also offer top-of-the-line bathroom accessories and fixtures that are available in different designs and colors.

    First, our team of experts will ask what you are looking for based on your lifestyle. Next, the budget will be tackled to find out how to deliver your dream in the best manner possible. Once you have decided on the design, our installers will take measurement of the bathroom space for any customized installation.

    Next, the installation process begins and can be completed within a day. Don’t worry about any mess that might have been created during the remodeling because we clean up after ourselves.

    Amazing Services at Affordable Cost

    We have been serving homeowners since 1996. We are proud to say that when someone thinks about getting their bathroom remodeled they think about us.

    Customer satisfaction is vital for any business. We have earned immense respect and trust of our clients. Affordable solutions and high-quality products are two of our specialties, which is what makes us number one in the area.

    Handle Both Large and Small Renovation Projects

    No matter how small or big the remodel, our installers work with the same passion and enthusiasm. We want our customers to be happy with the service we offer so that they keep coming back for more.

    All products used for the remodel are durable and of the highest quality. Your bathroom will have the same, brand new look for many years. We offer renovations such as bathtub to shower conversion, bathroom flooring, and full bathroom redesigning.

    To schedule an in-home, free consultation, give us a call at (630) 315-0789

      Update your bath in as little as one day.