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    Raleigh Complete, Professional Bathroom Remodeling

    bathroom-remodelingGoing to the bathroom is one of the few things that people do multiple times a day. Whether it’s to brush your teeth, wash your face, use the toilet or take a bath. A bathroom is absolutely essential to modern living and civilization.

    So shouldn’t the bathroom be completely customized and personalized to your liking? Shouldn’t you feel completely at home and comfortable while you are situated in the one place where you are likely the most vulnerable? We, at Five Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh, can help you answer that question.

    All Kinds of Makeovers

    We have all sorts of solutions for bathroom remodeling in Raleigh. We can tailor your bathroom to your liking and leave you with a smile. You can choose from a variety of styles, colors and materials to line your walls and floors with tiles and you can also choose from an array of accessories and options to furnish your bathroom.

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh has state of the art solutions of all sizes. You can easily and safely relax in a walk-in bathtub with a built in jet whirlpool or you can opt for a massage shower. You can opt for a customized bench to unwind in the bathroom for a bit and choose from our wonderful soap caddies.

    And while you’re relaxing, you can also enjoy the multi-colored tiles around you that are shaped and colored exactly how you want them. You can go for a homely look that mimics the royalties of old or the luxury baths depicted in ancient palaces. You could also go for something more modern and minimalist if you so choose.

    Relieve All The Tension In Your Body With Massage Showers

    The most convenient and efficient way of bathing in today’s world is definitely a high-flow, cleansing-intensive, massage shower. In the corporate world you can’t afford to spend too much time cleaning your body when the stock market is calling. You need to be in and out of there in 10 minutes or less.

    Our massage showers come in all sorts of varieties. They can be incorporated into your bath if you choose or they can replace it. We have a catalogue of shower heads and we can even customize the flow for you.

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh also installs glass translucent shower doors so you can have complete privacy even within your bathroom. These can be in multiple shapes; rounded, flat or polygonal. They all come in low maintenance options so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking or falling apart.

    Bathe In Style In Your Bathtub

    bathroom-remodelingFive Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh knows that some of our customers prefer bathtubs to showers. In fact, the bathtub is a much more intimate and personal option compared to a shower. Some people tend to relax and scrub their troubles away in a bathtub rather than simply get it over with in a shower.

    We have special walk-in bathtubs that make it easy for you to climb in. We also realize that a bathtub can be especially slippery due to the more than often porcelain floors and accumulation of water. With our designs you will have non-slip floors and even rail bars for safety.

    These precautions are also for the physically handicapped. In fact we pride ourselves in caring for the disabled. We have special seat options in bath tubs and jet whirlpools for therapeutic treatment.

    We Want To Build A Trust, Not Just A Bathroom

    Five Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh has helped thousands of people and hundreds of families over the ten years that we have been active. And we have learned a lot during our ten years in the business. The most important thing though, is the fact that you can’t weigh your success in the money you make, but in the customers that you get for life.

    It’s those customers that really appreciate our services and whom we go the extra mile for that are the true evidence of our success. We try to give the best to each and every customer that we come into contact with.

    If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, call Five Star Bath Solutions of Raleigh at (919) 348-4425 now.

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